Maria Herriott, an Adele mimic, has lost £11,000 in weight thanks to a link to the genuine Adele.


Maria Herriott, an Adele mimic, has lost £11,000 in weight thanks to a link to the genuine Adele.

a tribute to Adele Maria Herriott claimed she was ’embarrassed’ to follow in the footsteps of her idol when she lost an astonishing seven stone, but she has already done so. Adele may be one of the biggest music stars on the planet right now, but there are plenty of people trying to emulate her.

In 2016, the public was given a glimpse inside the life of an Adele impersonator when the woman went undercover for a Graham Norton-hosted TV program called My Adele.

Adele wowed the assembled singers with her signature singing while wearing prosthetic makeup.

However, one impostor in particular has gone above and above in her pursuit of her idol.

Maria Herriott was so determined to follow in Adele’s footsteps that she paid a stunning £11,000 for gastric bypass surgery following the singer’s astonishing seven-stone weight loss.

She also intends to undergo additional procedures in order to resemble her idol.

We take a look at Maria’s life to commemorate the arrival of Adele’s long-awaited album 30, 30.

When Adele first revealed her weight reduction following her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki earlier this year, Maria was “embarrassed.”

Adele “changed her life,” according to the 44-year-old, who performs her Adele homage act in pubs, bars, and clubs around the country.

Maria said to The Sun after shedding nearly nine stone, “I believe Adele has saved my life.” She has been a big source of motivation for me.

“I’ve been following her career for years, dressing up as her and imitating her appearance. Now that she’s smaller, she’s given me something to strive for.” Maria was “embarrassed” to go to shows after Adele’s weight reduction revelation, she said, and could “feel the strain” of people asking if she’d seen the slimmed down photos when she was at her heaviest.

Maria’s first effort at weight loss was in 2008, when she decided to have a gastric band to help her lose weight and get down to a size 18-20. The band, however, caused difficulties by 2019 and had to be removed.

After gaining weight again, she opted to undergo a gastric bypass surgery in October 2020, which will cost her £11,000.

To assist control portion sizes and limit what a person can eat, the operation shrinks the stomach and reroutes a piece of the small intestine.

She stated that she was “desperate” for the. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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