Map of the first phase of the gas boiler prohibition, which affects new construction in the UK.


Map of the first phase of the gas boiler prohibition, which affects new construction in the UK.

As part of the government’s ambition to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, GAS boilers are being phased out. Which places in the UK will be most affected by the prohibition, with newly built residences targeted as the first phase?

Despite the pandemic’s economic effects, research shows that 2021 saw the biggest number of new build dwellings commissioned in the UK in 20 years – and with new-built homes at the forefront of the Government’s gas boiler ban, it’s critical to be informed about how it affects you.

This website consulted specialists to determine the most affected areas in the United Kingdom, so you don’t have to.

Gas boilers should no longer be marketed after 2025, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), if the net-zero emissions objective is to be attained.

With only four years until the deadline, the government is under enormous pressure to act quickly on the prohibition.

However, current reports indicate that the cost of installing renewable energy alternatives may cause a delay in the planned date.

Nonetheless, new construction homes are growing more popular in the UK, making the gas boiler ban more relevant than ever to people considering a new home purchase.

Whether you’re a seasoned property shopper or looking for your first house, research from reveals that there are presently 5,624 new construction properties and developments for sale in the UK.

New-build homes are gradually taking over the market, with many first-time buyers taking advantage of government-run affordable homeownership programs that are primarily focused on new-build homes.

The Help to Buy Equity Loan is offered to first-time buyers purchasing new projects in and around the UK’s major cities, and there are plenty to choose from. reported to this website that Birmingham is currently the UK city with the biggest amount of new built residences and developments for sale.

Manchester, Salford, and Liverpool are also among the top cities having a lot of new homes for sale.

Nottingham (265), Edinburgh (191), Leeds (174), Bristol (164), and Glasgow (160) all have more than 160 new build residences and projects for sale, placing them among the top 10 most populous cities with new build homes.

The “Brinkwire Summary News” rated Sussex in the middle of the pack.


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