Many Saints of Newark trailer – first look at Michael Gandolfini’s Sopranos prequel.


The trailer for the Many Saints of Newark film – starring James Gandolfini’s son Michael – has been released ahead of the Sopranos’ film hitting the big screen on October 1

The Sopranos is back – but not as we know it.

HBO has finally dropped the trailer for the prequel film, The Many Saints of Newark, to the relief of fans after the pandemic scuppered last year’s release date.

But boy does it look worth the wait.

And if hearing the late James Gandolfini’s voice at the start at the 2-minute clip doesn’t give you chills, wait until you see the final scene fading to black (not again, please!) with a vision of the Virgin Mary and sound of the iconic Sopranos’ theme song ‘Woke Up this Morning’.

Sex, drugs, money, guns, the pork store, and a calculating mother – within seconds the trailer gives The Sopranos fans some much-needed nostalgic nods to the iconic show that ran from 1999 to 2007.

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But, unlike the show – in which Gandolfini played therapy-going New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano, the film will give movie buffs a whole new glimpse into Tony’s childhood that the series doesn’t appear to have even scratched the surface of.

We knew Tony had a troubled childhood, thanks to his difficult mum and criminal dad, but surprisingly it looks like Dickie Moltisanti – Christopher’s dad to Sopranos’ fans – played more of a role in leading him astray, even if the surname Moltisanti translates as ‘many saints’ in English.

“He only listens to Dickie,” Tony’s mum Livia says in the trailer as she looks almost disturbingly like his future wife, Carmela, (who was played by Edie Falco in The Sopranos).

We also see a charming Dickie trying to convince Tony to shift stolen speakers despite the young lad telling him he “wants to go to college” and “I can’t get caught with s**t like this.”

Could Tony actually have been destined to live the life of Kevin Finnerty had it not been for Dickie?

We see in the trailer Tony’s teacher say he has a high IQ with a test indicating ‘he’s a leader’ – something the Italian-American mafia later know to be true.

Fans of The Sopranos series will know that Christopher’s father Dickie was killed by a police officer, who Chris went on to murder in revenge.

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