Malcolm Beck will reappear in Yellowstone Season 4 after fans uncover a trailer clue?


Malcolm Beck will reappear in Yellowstone Season 4 after fans uncover a trailer clue?

YELLOWSTONE enthusiasts believe an iconic piece of clothing seen in the latest teaser trailer could indicate the return of a prominent character.

In just over two months, the fourth season of Yellowstone will premiere, and fans are eager to see what will happen to the powerful Dutton family following last year’s shocking revelations. A ominous new Instagram video suggests lots of vengeance in Paramount’s forthcoming film, but the tiny clip could possibly be hinting at one of the ranch’s most sinister opponents returning from the dead.

Fans allege that a new teaser for Yellowstone’s fourth season teases the reappearance of Malcolm Beck (played by Neal McDonough).

An anonymous figure is despatched to a watery grave in the very brief ad, which was recently shared on Instagram.

An overhead picture of the ranch’s nearby river appears in new footage before a gunshot is heard and a white hat is carried by the current.

The unnamed victim begins to bleed, and a slogan promises that ‘Every. Body. Pays.’

“The quiet before the storm,” Yellowstone’s official account captioned the new post.

Fans rushed to the comments section after seeing the new clip to speculate who the hat belonged to.

Some observers believe the white stetson was worn by Malcolm Beck, the Duttons’ season two antagonist, who may be coming for one more attack.

One fan went even further, speculating that one of the Beck brothers was behind the attacks on John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his family from the start.

Yellowstone (@yellowstone) shared a post.

In the Instagram comments, one viewer said, “Y’all, that’s Malcolm Beck’s hat.”

“If you think about it, it didn’t truly depict him dead, and we were led to assume he died in the field.”

Finally, the fan hypothesized, “He’s the one that attacked everyone!”

Malcolm Beck was shot numerous times by John in the season two finale, and it appears that he died.


Despite the fact that he was still alive when the camera cut away, his absence throughout Season 3 seemed to confirm his death.

Now, the presence of his hat in the new trailer is being used as proof of his miraculous resurrection in “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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