‘Make the most of your trip’: An ‘unusual’ method to tour Europe without flying as regulations change.


‘Make the most of your trip’: An ‘unusual’ method to tour Europe without flying as regulations change.

SLOW travel is sweeping the UK travel scene as people adjust to a slower pace of life following the shutdown. Cat Jones, the founder of Byway Travel, spoke with This website about how slow travel works and her favorite routes in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Cat founded Byway in 2020 with the goal of assisting travelers in planning slow itineraries while her company handles all of the “complex” holiday arrangements. Slow travel entails taking buses, bicycles, trains, and ferries, and allows visitors to relax and enjoy the “richness of the experience.”

“I’ve never owned a car, so I’ve always travelled by rail, boat, bike, and all that lovely things,” Cat told this website.

“However, I believe it was only in the last couple of years that I began to see that the market was aligning with me more; I’d been pretty unusual in that regard for most of my life.”

“After the lockdown, there’s a growing wave of local awareness, with people slowing down, taking their time, and appreciating the experience of travel or eating.”

“Slow travel excursions seem lovely and romantic, and the concept is appealing, but putting one together may be a pain.”

Byway takes care of all the logistics for travelers so they can relax and enjoy themselves.

All of Byway’s tours are completely free of flights. “Rather of flying over the top, we want to make the most of traveling through,” Cat explained.

“Our vacations are like pearls on a necklace; you tie them together to build a whole journey.”

Travelers can explore slow travel vacation choices on Byway’s website by selecting photos that appeal to them on the ‘holiday creator.’ Their tour is then tailored to their specific requirements.

Gourmet meals, lounging in front of a fire, and daring sports like kayaking are all featured in the photos.

Cat, a slow travel specialist, discussed her favorite’slow’ route in the United Kingdom. “My favorite route is one of the first ones we ever went, and it’s in the Isle of Purbeck, Jurassic Coast area of Dorset,” she explained.

“It’s my favorite spot on the planet; we do it as a family; you can ride your bike or take the bus, rail, or ferry.”

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