‘Make certain you don’t!’ says Lucy Verasamy of ITV Weather.


‘Make sure you don’t!’ says Lucy Verasamy of ITV Weather, who is warning about extreme weather.

As Britain returns to the grindstone to begin the working year, LUCY VERASAMY has issued a warning about the bitterly cold, icy conditions ahead.

Lucy Verasamy has some bad news in store for the conditions ahead, with the festive log fires, mulled wine, Christmas carol sessions, and seasonal cheer no longer warming the hearts of Britons.

She informed her 167,500 Twitter followers about the massive freeze.

Make sure you don’t lose your balance!

Lucy Verasamy is a character in the film Lucy Verasamy

The ITV meteorologist and weather presenter urged people not to “slide” while out and about.

“ICY start to the night as temperatures drop… make sure you don’t!” she joked.

To emphasize her weather predictions, she used the hashtags (hashtag)ice, (hashtag)slippery, and (hashtag)hazard.

“Tonight, temperatures will drop early, bringing a risk of ice on untreated surfaces,” she added, quoting the Met Office.

“Temperatures will then rise early in the morning as cloud and rain move in from the west.

“Stay (hashtag)WeatherAware,” they say.

As winter sets in across the UK, temperatures have dropped dramatically.

After 18 months filming Death In Paradise on the blissfully balmy island of Guadeloupe, even actor Ralf Little has made a public announcement about how bitterly cold the weather front has been.

Meanwhile, Lucy described the weather in parts of Scotland today with the hashtag (hashtag)ThunderSnow.

“So you’re saying it’s cold then Lucy,” one follower, @FightingFit2021, joked, posting crying with laughter emojis.

“Great to see you are featuring Northern Ireland in your coverage,” Lucy told @NewsMatterToday, who was more appreciative of the UK-wide update.

Thank you so much!”

“Feeling cold in the wind even where the sun shines,” Lucy had also warned.

Lucy had admitted on Twitter a few days before that she was tempted to wear sunglasses while driving, using the snowflake and sun rays emojis together.

If she was bothered by the Arctic-like glare, it was nothing compared to another Twitter user’s dramatic confession.

“Once, in a white VW Polo Fox 1.0L, I drove without sunglasses near my parents,” @glennroast claimed.

“I was nearing my destination when the sun shone brightly in my eyes.

“I didn’t put on my sunglasses, but I should have.”

“Due to the light, I pulled out and hit a van, resulting in a massive collision.”

“It taught me something.”

Others are likely to pay attention to Lucy’s important weather warnings.

“News from the Brinkwire.”

Make sure you don’t slide!

Lucy Verasamy


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