Maisie Smith of EastEnders weeps as she expresses her feelings of being “useless and pointless” in a video.


Maisie Smith of EastEnders weeps as she expresses her feelings of being “useless and pointless” in a video.

Maisie Smith, who starred in the BBC soap Strictly Come Dancing, caused concern among soap fans when she filmed herself crying after receiving “bad news” after filming her final scenes for the show.

After sharing a video of herself crying, EastEnders actress Maisie Smith has caused concern among her fans.

In an emotional TikTok video, the 20-year-old soap actress admitted that she felt “useless and pointless.”

Masie posted the video after wrapping up filming her final scenes for the iconic BBC soap earlier this month, where she has played Tiffany Butcher for the past 13 years.

The actress could be seen in the video opening up to her fans about her mental health struggles while rating her week with a short clip of herself from each day.

“310 felt useless, 610 was extremely productive, -1000010 received some bad news, and 210 just felt sad all day for no apparent reason,” she said candidly.

“310 was a good workout, 210 was a waste of time, and 110 was a waste of time.”

On her worst day, the former child star was clearly crying, biting her lower lip and looking away from the camera, giving her day a -1000010 rating.

Despite the fact that Maisie didn’t reveal what the bad news was, she appeared to be without make-up in the distressing video.

She claimed that one day she “lost her personality” and the next she felt “pointless.”

Maisie’s mental health has been a source of concern for fans, and her former EastEnders co-star Shona McGarty left a sweet message of support in the comments section.

“I love you,” she wrote alongside a heart emoji.

“Maisie, take care of yourself,” one supportive fan advised.

“That’s so sad,” another wrote. “I hope everything is okay, my darling.”

“We all have a bad day or week,” a third said, “hope you’re okay.”

For over ten years, the red-headed beauty has played Tiffany on and off in EastEnders.

She first appeared on the show in 2008, then left in 2014. She returned to Walford for a guest appearance in November 2016, before returning full-time in January 2018.

She did, however, announce that she would be leaving the soap in October after opting not to renew her contract when it came up for renewal that month.

Her final scenes, as well as how she exits the soap, are still unknown.

Maisie recently returned from the Middle East, where she competed in this year’s Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

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