Mahiki, a favorite club of the Royal Family, was ‘totally rebuilt’ for £3.5 million.


Mahiki, a favorite club of the Royal Family, was ‘totally rebuilt’ for £3.5 million.

Mahiki, one of the Royal Family’s favorite clubs, has been “totally renovated” into a new location, with the new royal hangout set to open later this month.

Mahiki, the Royal Family’s favorite party spot on 1 Dover Street, has been transformed into TAB, a new club. TAB, the new club on the renowned Mayfair property, will be owned by the same management as the popular nightclub, the London Reign. The makeover is said to have cost £3.5 million. Asher Grant, the owner of the London Reign, has announced that his next club, ‘TAB,’ will open at 1 Dover Street in Mayfair, replacing the renowned former Mahiki location.

1 Dover Street became one of London’s most talked-about addresses as a result of Mahiki’s popularity with the royals.

It quickly established itself as a favorite hangout for royals and celebrities alike.

“Mahiki occupied a key spot on the London party circuit for more than 16 years,” a TAB representative said.

“However, the Dover Street venue has a new owner: Asher Grant, who is also the owner of the A-list favorite The London REIGN show club.

“With a £3.5 million restoration, Asher and his partners have entirely altered the 6000 square foot facility, which now offers a stylish, Japanese-inspired cocktail bar on the main floor and an edgy ‘Tokyo night club’ on the lower level.”

TAB will be highly popular now that the coronavirus restrictions have been lifted and clubs have reopened.

“Mahiki was one of the first clubs I went to when I got to London as a young man,” Asher told this website, “so the chance to re-ignite this iconic venue was too fantastic to pass up.”

On Thursday, October 28, TAB will open its doors for the first time.

Mahiki was a glamorous nightclub where A-listers and royals enjoyed unforgettable evenings.

Mahiki, a Polynesian-themed fun palace that opened in 2006, is known for its Treasure Chest cocktail and endless photos of Prince Harry dancing.

“The point about Mahiki was that it was a lot of fun,” said Henry Conway, who used to emcee Thursday nights there.

“Clubbing in London used to be quite serious when it first opened — everyone was trying to appear like they were in a music video.” Mahiki was a campy, irreverent character.

“I was attempting to be the antithesis of cool.”

Piers Adam, a co-founder of the club, stated. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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