‘MAFS’ Season 14: Meet the 5 Boston couples looking for love.


‘MAFS’ Season 14: Meet the 5 Boston couples looking for love.

Season 14 is gearing up to help new couples find their happily-ever-after as Season 13 comes to a close.

With Season 13 of ‘Married At First Sight’ drawing to a close, it’s time for a whole new group of folks to try their luck with love. With Season 14, the show will relocate to Boston in the hopes of assisting singles in finding their own happily ever after.

While most couples chose to part ways at the end of Season 13, with the exception of Rachel and Jose, who are still working on their relationship, that hasn’t stopped the cast from finding love. However, five Boston couples are now ready to embark on their own marriage adventure! After the reunion episode of ‘MAFS,’ fans name Michaela a ‘false,’ and Zack a’snake,’ according to Brinkwire News. Brett, did you cheat on Ryan first? ‘They were both wrong,’ say fans. Alyssa and Chris are a couple. Alyssa, 30, is a 30-year-old woman who has dedicated her life to animal rescue. However, this means she has very little time for love in her life. Alyssa discovered how unhappy she was after her previous relationship ended, and she’s decided it’s time for the professionals to help her find happiness instead. “Alyssa sincerely feels that Married At First Sight is her opportunity to find love,” according to Lifetime, “and she believes that the experts will be able to break her streak of poor luck and find her the man she’s been looking for.” Chris, 35, has been in back-to-back long-term relationships since he was in high school. According to Lifetime, “He needs the experts’ help finding a match because he’s discovered that once the honeymoon phase passes, he and his girlfriends are incompatible.” He hopes the matchmakers can find him a woman who can hold his interest for a long time! “Dating apps aren’t cutting it anymore!” Jasmina and Michael are a couple. Jasmina is a 29-year-old early childhood education teacher who works with local children. She has always been passionate about assisting children and has turned her passion into a career. When it comes to love, though, this teacher may use some help. According to Lifetime, “Jasmina has done the work and healed from her trauma after watching numerous failed marriages in her family including infidelity and having gone through the same in her previous partnerships.” She is truly ready to relax and hand over the reigns to the professionals.” Michael, 28, is a seasoned user of dating apps, but he is now ready for true love. According to Lifetime, “a heartfelt talk with his sister led to.” Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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