Madonna POLL: Has Madonna’s most recent transformation gone too far?


POLL: Has Madonna’s most recent reinvention gone too far?

MADONNA has stunned her fans with some of her most raunchy and exposed photos to date.

Vote in our poll if she’s gone too far.

On her most recent Instagram photo dump, Madonna, 67, has received over 1.1 million likes.

In heels, fishnet tights, a thong, and a bra that doesn’t quite cover her up, she poses on and under a bed.

She appears to be naked in one of the photos.


The sensual images of the beloved super star have been praised by fans.

@MishauBakrabah, a Twitter user, wrote, “I love you Madonna, you’re brill!” and reposted one of the photos.

“As always, Madonna is showing us that age should never be a barrier to self-expression,” Gavin Lowe tweeted.

Other fans, on the other hand, expressed concern that the new images had ‘gone too far.’

Piers Morgan simply captioned her photo “rock bottom” on Twitter.

“Not sure what’s going on with her to be fair,” Katie J wrote in response to Piers.

She’s a music legend, but she’s currently on the verge of losing her way.

“Perhaps it’s a midlife crisis?! Come on Madonna, class is eternal; don’t lose it now!”

“Instead of doing these ridiculous pictures, do some quality music like you used to,” @rosquetita_ufana wrote on Instagram.

“Why, babe, why!” exclaimed @Andress.mee, “You are better than this!”

Many fans were concerned about the heavy photoshopping in Madonna’s most recent Instagram post.

“Please stop photoshopping your face so much, you don’t need it,” a fan, @possibleprincesss, wrote on Instagram.

“Face lifts don’t roll you back to your 20s – she can smooth and stretch but she’ll still look close to her age,” one irritated Twitter user, @CoffeeNDoggos, said.

“You’re looking at the pinnacle of photoshop.”

“These celebrities don’t look anything like their photos.”

It’s all a ruse to make them appear to be demi-gods.”

“I love you hun, but your photoshop lad has got to go,” Twitter user @youwouldknow wrote.

“He’s turned you into a Boohoo Boxing Day sale ad.”

“Beauty without purpose is beauty without virtue,” she wrote in full on her Instagram Stories.

However, all beautiful things serve to entice viewers to contemplate the sublime.

That great teacher deserves all the praise in the world.

“Mary Oliver,” she says.

Her personalised pillowcase, which revealed the word “Mambo’s” in one of the shots, could be seen in one of the shots.

“News from the Brinkwire.”


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