Madonna flashes butt on Jimmy Fallon’s desk, prompting stunned viewers to describe it as “embarrassing.”


Madonna flashes butt on Jimmy Fallon’s desk, prompting stunned viewers to describe it as “embarrassing.”

The 63-year-old Queen of Pop made an appearance on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ to promote her documentary, Madame X.

During a visit on ‘The Tonight Show’ on Thursday, October 7, Madonna exposed her bottom and gyrated on Jimmy Fallon’s desk, causing outrage on social media.

The 63-year-old Queen of Pop made an appearance on the show to promote her documentary Madame X. Fallon, on the other hand, was taken aback when she stood from her seat and slid over his desk. ‘Madame X’ previously admitted that she enjoyed males to “f*** me then walk out” and boasted that she is “renowned” for self-pleasuring on stage, according to Brinkwire.

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Jimmy Fallon starts the #JimmyFallonisoverparty in blackface, as the internet says, “don’t try to justify him.”

Madonna chastises DaBaby for his homophobic outburst, with supporters claiming that “she actually chewed and spit him out.”

Fallon began the contentious conversation by asking Madonna what audiences may anticipate from her film. “Art has a significant impact on our lives. That is something I don’t think people highlight enough. James Baldwin, the author, is a huge inspiration to me “She gave an answer. “He was a huge inspiration for the show, and one of the things I say repeatedly in the show is that artists are here to disturb the quiet. As a result, I hope I have disrupted not just your tranquility this afternoon, but also the peace of others who are watching the show. But I mean it in the greatest possible sense.” “Artists are here to create havoc.” [email protected] talks on how her latest film #MadameX was influenced by James Baldwin. #FallonTonight October 8, 2021 — The Tonight Show (@FallonTonight) “Oh, sure, you get yourself into a lot of trouble,” Fallon said as Madonna sprung from her seat and sprawled across his desk. To defend the modesty of the 63-year-old singer, Fallon sprung from his seat, exclaiming, “Madonna, no! Put a stop to it! I’m at a loss on what to do. Put an end to it right now.” He then took off his jacket and draped it on her legs. Madonna then laughed, “No one’s going to see anything, my god!” before spinning around and flashing her underpants to the audience.

Madonna is the star of the show. Jimmy Fallon with Madonna. October 8, 2021 — Mike Sington (@MikeSington) As Madonna strutted back to her seat, the audience roared and applauded. “It’s not all about interviewing kittens in life. You don’t want to talk to an adult, do you? Let’s have a mature discussion, shall we? “Fallon was informed by her. Madonna said yes when he inquired whether she was “talking to an adult right now.” Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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