‘Madness’ Simon McCoy is enraged by the woke discussion that the word “curry” is racist, and he’s “angry about it.”


‘Madness’ Simon McCoy is enraged by the woke discussion that the word “curry” is racist, and he’s “angry about it.”

On GB News on Monday morning, SIMON MCCOY couldn’t contain his wrath after hearing that the word “curry” should be “cancelled.” Simon and co-host Kirsty Gallacher debated a culinary blogger’s suggestion that the term “curry” should no longer be used to describe south-Asian cuisine.

On Monday’s The Great British Breakfast, comedian Nick Dixon joined Simon McCoy and Kirsty Gallacher as the trio trawled through the newest news articles to see what caught their attention. A post by American food blogger Chaheti Bansal, who has asked for the public to abandon the name “curry” as a “British colonial” term for south-Asian cuisine, was among the headlines Nick delivered to the GB News pair. The writer said that the term is used because people “couldn’t be bothered” to study the intricacies of Indian cuisine, but former BBC News host Simon wasn’t convinced.

As Nick teed up the news story, Simon swiftly exclaimed, “This one is insane.”

“Curry is now racist,” the GB News guest continued. The name curry, like everything else, is racist.

“The phrase curry is racist,” according to a culinary blogger, who believes the British colonial term should be phased out.

“Basically, a culinary blogger who lives in California, inevitably, says we can’t use the word curry anymore,” Nick explained to Simon and Kirsty. So that’s no longer the case; it’s cultural appropriation.”

“This is insane. -“ utter -“ utter -“ utter -“ “Is this over the line for you?” Nick interjected as Simon began to rage.

Before Kirsty chimed in to try to counter the blogger’s case, Simon replied, “Way over.”

“She’s suggesting we shouldn’t use the phrase to encompass all the specifics,” Kirsty explained (dishes).

“Actually, don’t we often do a lot of things under one umbrella?”

However, Kirsty expressed her dissatisfaction with the blogger’s allegations, saying, “Why isn’t it alright to say curry?” Otherwise, we’ll have to talk about everything separately. It’s completely absurd.”

“It’s a curry!” exclaims the narrator. As Nick weighed in once more, Simon yelled: “It’s cultural appropriation,” says the author.

“But, I don’t think you can deconstruct everything like that, I think it’s just the way life works.”

“What are your thoughts, Simon?” As he observed Simon becoming increasingly enraged, Nick joked, “You look angry about it.”

The former BBC employee expressed his displeasure with the situation. “Brinkwire Summary News” says, “We’ve all matured.”


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