Mackenzie McKee, a teen mom, admits to been molested’multiple times’ as a child by two different boys.


Mackenzie McKee, a teen mom, admits to been molested’multiple times’ as a child by two different boys.

Mackenzie McKee of TEEN Mom OG said that she was molested “many times” as a child by two different boys.

In her new memoir, Straightening My Crown: Conquering My Royal Mistakes, Mackenzie, 26, shares her tragic childhood pain.


The Human Body The owner of By Mac highlighted how she grew up in Oklahoma as a “extrovert” who “loved nothing more than to be around people.” Older students “easy took advantage” of her because she was “tiny and skinny,” and they were able to “manipulate” her because she was “desperate to have friends and be loved.” Mackenzie recalled how, when she was four years old, she would frequently play with an eight-year-old kid who worked at the daycare her mother ran in their home.

“We often played together, and one day, he informed me we were going to play a new game where we would pretend to be dogs,” she writes in the book. I was ecstatic because I loved games and pets.

“We started acting like puppies, and he told me I’d have a specific role to perform.” He was going to be the daddy dog, and I was going to be the mommy dog. ‘Mommy dogs didn’t wear pants,’ he continued, pulling me into the closet and closing the door behind us so no one could see us.

“I was the mommy dog, and like all mommy dogs, I had to do ‘puppy things.'” This happened a couple times when the boy did inappropriate things. I was perplexed, but I went through with it because I urgently wanted to be liked.” Mackenzie then related a similar encounter she had as a “little child” with a different boy. She spent the night at the home of someone her mother “trusted” and who had a “young” kid. “He told me he wanted to wrestle, and being a rough-and-tumble tomboy, I was ready to throw down,” the MTV star wrote. I quickly understood this was not the same kind of wrestling I used to play with my siblings at home. Even though I knew nothing at the time, things started to go in a path that made me uneasy. He did that almost every time I came to see him.

“He asked if I wanted to wrestle one day, and I declined. He roared at me, ‘No!’ with fire in his eyes. ‘Whether you like it or not, you’re going to wrestle with me.’ When I declined to play other games, Dad had never reacted so violently and forcefully, and I pondered why wrestling was so different. Following that, some Brinkwire Breaking News.


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