M Night Shyamalan tackles mortality in his own Twilight Zone-style drama.


M Night Shyamalan tackles mortality in his own Twilight Zone-style drama.

OLD REVIEW: M Night Shyamalan makes his directorial debut with a Twilight Zone-style horror that explores our own mortality. ****

The film director famed for his unexpected endings is back, with a storyline that is difficult not to be intrigued by. Old follows a group of vacationers who find themselves stranded on a deserted beach, only to discover that they are all fast aging. M Night Shyamalan has offered spectators his own episode of the Twilight Zone, based on the graphic novel Sandcastle by Pierre Oscar Levy and Frederik Peeters.

Old takes its time getting started, introducing us to a warring couple named Guy and Prisca, as well as their two children Trent and Maddox.

The unwitting family has gone on a resort vacation where they and other guests have been told of a hidden beach where they may truly unwind.

We meet fellow holiday-making people in a doctor with his younger wife, newborn daughter, and mother, who is driven over by Shyamalan himself in an extended cameo.

A nurse and his wife, as well as a well-known rapper with a nose bleed, are already on the beach when they arrive.

When the body of a woman is discovered in the ocean by youngsters, things really start to heat up.

As the group tries to adjust to the strangeness that is happening to them, Old grows increasingly intense and hilarious.

The grownups age much more slowly than the young actors, who are replaced a number of times but retain their innocent innocence.

Perhaps the only true disappointment here is how slowly the middle-aged folks mature, with barely a few crow’s feet and wrinkles on their faces.

However, unraveling the mystery of what’s really going on keeps you interested throughout before the – don’t worry, we won’t give anything away – customary twist at the end.

This one isn’t exactly as interesting as you might imagine, but it adds to Old’s thoughts.

Shyamalan’s characters are forced to confront their own mortality at the heart of the picture.

The idea of your life being reduced to a single day, complete with all of the age-related concerns, is terrifying, yet it is a burden we all face at a regular pace of time.

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