Lynsey Queen of Clean’s cleaning advice for removing bloodstains from carpet is to ‘never’ heat it.


Lynsey Queen of Clean’s cleaning advice for removing bloodstains from carpet is to ‘never’ heat it.

CLEANING and maintaining your home is difficult enough without having to worry about stains on your linens. Blood is a common stain in the home, and Lynsey Queen of Clean explained how to remove it.

When it comes cleaning blood stains, the most crucial tip is to never use hot water. This is due to the stain’s unique chemical composition.

Lynsey Crombie, dubbed “Lynsey Queen of Clean” by her devoted Instagram followers, explained how she removes the stain at home.

She stated, ” “Simply mix your dishwashing liquid with your white vinegar and rinse with cold water.

“Because it’s a protein-based stain, you should never heat it up.

“When you heat it up, the blood starts to cling together.

“So swab it with cold water, washing liquid, and white vinegar.

“Leave it for half an hour, then come back and press it down with a clean, white towel, making sure you’re not pushing it around.”

Protein-based stains should never be cleaned with warm water, particularly on textile materials such as clothing, carpets, and fabric furniture.

This is because even at low temperatures, proteins coagulate and adhere to the carpet.

These protein-based stains should always be cleaned with cold water. What additional stains are present in the house? Oils and butter leave greasy stains, whereas tea, coffee, and red wine leave oxidisable stains.

Lynsey also shared some tips on how to clean a velvet sofa.

If not properly cleaned, the popular design of seat can easily discolor.

Lynsey, on the other hand, called them “the simplest sofa to clean” she has ever bought.

“I have velvet sofas, and they are the easiest sofas I’ve ever had to clean,” Lynsey told This website.

Never scrape spots when cleaning it.

“No circles,” the former professional cleaner said, “since watermarks will result.”


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