Louise Minchin’s return to BBC Breakfast has left fans in awe.


Louise Minchin’s return to BBC Breakfast has left fans in awe.

LOUISE MINCHIN left everyone speechless when she uploaded a sun-kissed vacation photo ahead of her return to the BBC Breakfast red sofa this morning.

After a well-deserved vacation, Louise Minchin, 52, is scheduled to return to the BBC Breakfast red sofa this week. Fans were taken aback when the blonde beauty uploaded a selfie on Instagram appearing sun-kissed and glowing.

After catching some sunshine, I’m looking forward to returning to #BBCBreakfast.

Louise Minchin is a British actress.

“I hope you’re getting a summer break,” she wrote in the caption.

“I’m excited to return to #BBCBreakfast after getting some sunshine on Monday morning without my new headgear.”

She wore a paisley pattern blue shirt with an abstract fabric headband and natural makeup in the photo.

Fans flocked to the comment area, clearly missing her on the show, to express their delight that she will be back on their TVs this morning.

“Not the same without you, the headband is excellent BTW,” one person said.

“I see you caught the sun! Also, freckles!” another exclaimed.

“Looking forward to seeing you back Louise,” said a third.

A fourth concurred, saying, “Looking forward to seeing you back on TV on Monday gorgeous lady.”

Louise Minchin (@louiseminchin) shared a post.

“Missing you every morning your smile changed my day,” said a fifth.

Dan Walker, her co-host, said, “I hope you’ve had a wonderful time.”

After announcing her resignation from the BBC Breakfast show on Thursday, the star of the show uploaded a mysterious picture on the social media site.

She announced her departure from the show in June, and in a pensive photo, she told her 74,000 followers that she is in a reflective mood.

She stood in a field of lush grass, wearing a green-patterned maxi dress, looking out at the beautiful scenery.

Louise brought a blade of grass to her lips as she pondered what was on her mind, clearly enjoying the view.

“Doing some blue sky thinking,” she captioned the photo.


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