Louise Minchin’s post-BBC Breakfast update, “Back to 3.45 alarm,” confuses fans.


Louise Minchin’s post-BBC Breakfast update, “Back to 3.45 alarm,” confuses fans.

Following her comeback to BBC Breakfast today, LOUISE MINCHIN has caused some viewers to be perplexed.

Louise Minchin, 52, has stated that she will be waking up at 3.45 a.m. again now that she has returned to BBC Breakfast. The anchor was sitting on the couch without her regular co-star Dan Walker, 44, when she announced the news on Twitter.

It comes after the normal morning show was substituted by BBC Olympics coverage for the past 16 days.

On Twitter, the mother of two posted a witty photo of herself riding a pommel horse.

However, some viewers were confused by her tweet, believing that the presenter had already left BBC Breakfast.

“Thought you were moving on from the early starts,” one individual inquired.

“Ahh, so they couldn’t keep you away for long and wanted you back,” pondered another.

“Good morning, Louise,” said a third. It’s great to see you again.”

“Good morning, back to the 03.45 #BBCBreakfast alarm call and guess who is going to be chatting with us today?” the presenter said to her 213,000 followers. #olympics.”

Louise stated earlier this summer that she will be leaving her BBC Breakfast job after 20 years.

She informed viewers that she had enjoyed her time at the BBC, but that she had decided it was time to quit waking up at 3.40 a.m., and that she was looking forward to sleeping in.

The broadcaster just stated that he will be leaving “sometime after the summer.”

Louise has been away from the BBC for the past couple of weeks, taking a well-earned rest.

She astonished followers when she shared a sun-kissed and glowing selfie on Instagram.

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“I hope you’re getting a summer break,” Louise said in the caption.

“I’m excited to return to #BBCBreakfast after getting some sunshine on Monday morning without my new headgear.”

Meanwhile, social media users questioned the broadcaster because BBC Breakfast’s coverage of local news today did not include it.

“It’s great to see you all again,” one added. Why isn’t there any local news or anything like that?”

“Good morning Louise, can you tell us when we will receive the local news back?” said another.

“How come there is no local news?” asks Brinkwire Summary News.


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