Louise Minchin expresses her anxiety about leaving the BBC, while Dan Walker greets a new colleague.


Louise Minchin expresses her anxiety about leaving the BBC, while Dan Walker greets a new colleague.

LOUISE MINCHIN has updated BBC Breakfast viewers on her decision to leave the network after 20 years, revealing she feels “nervous” about leaving.

Louise Minchin, 52, startled fans earlier this year when she announced her departure from the BBC Breakfast show. Louise updated fans on her final appearances and discussed her anxieties about the “big transition” on Wednesday’s show, which she co-hosted with Dan Walker, 44. Louise has been a part of the morning news show since 2006, but she announced in June that she would be leaving “after the summer.” On Wednesday, she told BBC viewers that she will be leaving in two weeks and revealed her intentions for her future free time.

Louise warned viewers near the end of the episode, “I’ve had an early warning.”

“You know what Carol [Kirkwood] was saying earlier about how it’s officially the end of the summer?” she explained.

“I said I was going to go, didn’t I?” Dan answered as Louise continued. Following the summer.

She explained, “So – it’s not today.” “I was about to say – are you off?” Dan laughed.

She confirmed, “No, I’m not going today.” “I will be leaving this program on September 15th, which is two weeks from today.”

Dan calculated, “So that’s only six programs left.” “Yeah, really good maths!” Louise exclaimed.

“Not that you and I have been counting things or anything,” she said. But, yeah, that’s all there is to it.”

“But this is rather enormous, Louise,” Dan said, his face solemn. Because when was the last time you did Breakfast?”

She said, “Well, it would have been 20 years in December this year.”

“It’s been 20 years since I started Breakfast. So it’s a big difference – it’s a major adjustment, and I’m still like ‘Oh’ every morning when that alarm goes off, so that’s the thing I’m most looking forward to is not listening to it.”

“I remember you having a big smile on your face when you initially announced it on the show, and it’s a significant decision,” Dan said.

“Have you had any moments since you announced your intention to quit when you’ve wondered, ‘Oh, have I made the wrong decision?’ Is it possible that I’ll stay’? Please!”

“I promise you, if I mentioned that to our boss, he’d be like.”Brinkwire Summary News,” the announcer joked.


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