Louise Minchin chastises Dan Walker for missing BBC Breakfast. ‘You’re supposed to be here!’


Louise Minchin chastises Dan Walker for missing BBC Breakfast. ‘You’re supposed to be here!’

DAN WALKER has recalled being reprimanded by BBC Breakfast co-host Louise Minchin after nearly missing the BBC show.

Dan Walker has spoken up about the time he overslept and nearly missed BBC Breakfast. The news presenter co-hosts the show with Louise Minchin, and he told Claudia Winkleman on her BBC Radio 2 show that Louise had once called him when he hadn’t arrived in time for the broadcast.

“On Sunday night this week, I managed to get a total of zero sleep,” Dan continued.

“Perhaps I misunderstood you; are you at a rave?” Claudia remarked. “I mean, you have three children, you live in Sheffield, and you seem like a lovely guy.”

Dan said, “It’s sports-related; there was no rave.” “It was football, and then I had to get up at three a.m. for BBC Breakfast, which didn’t conclude until after midnight.

“There was the obvious disappointment, and then I lay in bed thinking about what might have happened if we had won the penalty shootout.”

The presenter added, “And then the alarm went off, and I got up.”

“On Monday, I did BBC Breakfast after getting zero hours of sleep.”

“Could you please confirm that you have a 3 a.m. wake-up call?” Claudia remarked.

“Three feels a little too early,” Dan explained, “so my alarm can’t be an even number; I’m not sure what you’re like with your alarms.”

“My alarm goes off at three minutes past three o’clock; four minutes feels excessive.”

“Do you have any idea what my favorite thing from you is?” Claudia enquired.

“Three is too early, but three minutes after three is virtually a lie-in, so let’s snuggle up.” Has it ever happened to you that you slept through it?”

Dan affirmed, “Once.” “I never stay at home because I have four alarms that go off, and I’ve never gotten to number four.”

“But once, when we were doing a show away, I was sleeping in a hotel,” he explained.

“And at five minutes past five, Louise Minchin called me and said, ‘Shouldn’t you be here?’”

Following Dan’s announcement that he has many alarms, the Strictly Come Dancing host expressed her support for his wife.

Claudia said, “I admire how understanding your wife is to have four alarms, I imagine all over the room.”

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