Lorraine Kelly slams Prince William, with viewers telling her that “it’s just awful.”


Lorraine Kelly slams Prince William, with viewers telling her that “it’s just awful.”

After Prince William remarked that we should focus our efforts on protecting the planet we have rather than looking for a new one to live on, Lorraine anchor aired her thoughts on space exploration. When Kelly slammed Prince William on her daily show Lorraine, she infuriated people.

After screening a tape in which he criticized actor William Shatner’s voyage to space, the TV host took a shot at him.

The Duke of Cambridge criticized the idea to send Star Trek actor William Shatner, 92, into space on Wednesday in a BBC News video.

He confessed that he thought the journey was pointless, given that worldwide efforts should be concentrated on protecting the planet rather than just hunting for a new home.

“We need some of the world’s brightest brains and minds focused on repairing this planet, not on finding the next location to live,” he remarked.

Lorraine, 61, on the other hand, didn’t hold back as she slammed William’s stance and told him he was “wrong.”

However, viewers of her show did not share the Scottish host’s viewpoint, and rushed to Twitter to express their displeasure.

“Absolute ignorance concerning space flight vs climate change on #Lorraine,” one person wrote. Addressing the climate crisis while also exploding tons of fossil fuel so people may gaze out the window at a globe they’re actively destroying is scientifically impossible. This is a simple reality. “Prince William is absolutely correct.” “Lorraine on ITV speaking against Prince William,” another commented. Yes, we have learned from space, but William Shatner went on a joy ride in space. It’s just not right.” “Lorraine arguing with Prince William about space flight, has she seen the plight of this planet?” continued a third. Lorraine’s ill-informed stance was not spared by the harsh viewers, who continued to slam her.

“Lorraine talking nonsense, poor people being told what vehicles they can’t drive, while the rich play with space travel,” one wrote.

“At least that’s #lorraine kissing goodbye to any dream of a damehood,” another said.

“Lorraine will be applauding someone rescuing the earth in the next breath,” another wrote.

However, not everyone agreed with Lorraine, with one Twitter user pointing out that Prince William travels by own jet, which is also extremely harmful to the environment.

“Does make me giggle you’ve got Prince Charles and William lecturing about climate change and when Kate and William ride private jets there’s hardly a sound,” they wrote on Twitter. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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