Lorraine Kelly slams Madonna’s’sleazy’ lingerie snaps, saying, ‘Doesn’t look good.’


Lorraine Kelly slams Madonna’s’sleazy’ lingerie snaps, saying, ‘Doesn’t look good.’

LORRAINE KELLY has slammed Madonna for posting risqué lingerie photos on social media, calling them “sleazy.”

Lorraine Kelly has called Madonna “sleazy” for posting obscene lingerie photos on Instagram.

Lorraine questioned whether the 63-year-old pop icon’s photos were really of her on Thursday’s episode of her self-titled show.

Lorraine, who was unimpressed, told her ITV viewers that the star was “fantastic, but doesn’t look good.”

Madonna has sparked outrage after posting a slew of raunchy lingerie photos to her Instagram account.

Lorraine was clearly not impressed with the singer’s nipple flashing in the explicit photos, which defied Instagram’s rules.

Lorraine shared a sneak peek of Madonna’s risque photos on Thursday’s episode, admitting she was “confused” by what she saw.

Before calling the photos “pretty sleazy,” the Scottish host said she wasn’t sure if they were of Madonna.

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“She’s in great shape,” the 61-year-old host said, “but I think they look pretty sleazy, but that’s just me.”

I’m not sure what you’re thinking.

“Anyway, my apologies.

Yes, I am.

‘Oh no! Don’t say that!’ I know, but I just… yeah.

She’s fantastic, but she doesn’t appear to be in good shape.”

As the shock over her comments erupted on the ITV set, the crew could be heard giggling in the background.

Lorraine viewers were split on the host’s comments, with Jodie Dalmeida agreeing, tweeting: “I just looked at those Madonna pics, there’s actual nip involved! The woman’s mad (hashtag)lorraine.”

“Completely agree,” added John-Paul Marney.

She and I are roughly the same age.

There comes a time when you have to accept that you are no longer young and sexy.

You’re a grandmother or grandfather, and you should act like it.”

“Madonna just needs to age gracefully like the rest of us,” Dennis said.

“Someone tell (hashtag)lorraine to leave @Madonna alone, (hashtag)AgeAintNothingBusANumber (hashtag)Madonna is sexy for 60,” Henry Rachel wrote, shaming Lorraine for her criticism of Madonna.

Lorraine isn’t the only celebrity who has spoken out about Madonna’s risky photos.

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Piers Morgan was one of them.

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