Lorraine Kelly is concerned about her weight after going up dress sizes and says she “needs to do something.”


Lorraine Kelly is concerned about her weight after going up dress sizes.

LORRAINE KELLY is concerned about the weight she has gained while on lockdown and believes she “needs to lose a stone.”

Lorraine Kelly admitted her struggles while speaking with BBC star Nick Knowles about her health during a live taping of her self-titled ITV show on Wednesday.

During their conversation, the 61-year-old admitted that she had “gone up a few sizes” since the pandemic hit in March, prompting many people to eat their favorite foods while being quarantined from their homes.

I’m well aware that I must take action.

Lorraine Kelly is a well-known actress who has

Lorraine began by admitting that she had “gained so much weight, I really have.”

“I know I need to do something about it,” she added.

Despite feeling “fine” about her weight gain, the mother of one wouldn’t mind losing a stone because she’s already gone up “a few dress sizes.”

Lorraine wasn’t the only one who had struggled with weight gain over the past 17 months; the DIY SOS star later added that he, too, had been dealing with health issues during lockdown.

“You know, we have to be kind to ourselves, we all got through lockdown as best we could,” Nick continued, describing his own struggles with food.

The 59-year-old told The Mirror earlier this month that he’d become uncomfortable in his own skin after “eating all the pies” and gaining four stone.

Nick has since spent a significant amount of time controlling his food intake while maintaining a regular exercise routine.

Lorraine’s health concerns on her show are similar to what she said last week about how the extra pounds she’s gained in recent months have affected her confidence.

Lorraine revealed in her Hello! column a few weeks ago that she was frustrated with herself for not exercising as much as she would have liked, despite her weight gain.

Her confidence had been impacted as a result of her fuller figure, she admitted.

Lorraine wrote, “Now, like so many others, I have definitely put on more than a few pounds during this whole pandemic.”

“It’s a combination of not being able to attend my regular exercise classes and overindulging in comfort food.”

“I’ve gone from a size ten to a size twelve, but I’m starting to have second thoughts.”

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