Lorraine Kelly discusses a ‘traumatizing’ wardrobe mishap. ‘It simply came crashing down.’


Lorraine Kelly discusses a ‘traumatizing’ wardrobe mishap. ‘It simply came crashing down.’

LORRAINE KELLY opened her about a wardrobe incident she had while interviewing a guest on her self-titled chat show.

Lorraine, 61, was asked about any previous wardrobe mistakes while speaking with Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard on Good Morning Britain. Susanna, 50, was questioned over her costume choice on Thursday’s episode, with many comparing it to a pink dressing gown. Lorraine, on the other hand, topped her fashion anecdote with details about the time her dress came down when she was interviewing someone.

As they chatted ahead of her 9 a.m. chat program, Lorraine, she informed the astonished GMB hosts, “I have exposed things that I shouldn’t have.”

“I recall interviewing someone and my dress slid down,” she continued.

Ben and Susanna exchanged gasps as the former inquired, “Who, by the way, was this person?”

“It was a poor lady from The Bill who was traumatized,” the presenter responded.

Ben stated, “Our director is just saying yes, he remembers it vividly.”

“It’s clear you made an impression!” Susanna made a remark to a colleague at ITV.

“Is that still in the archives, Lorraine?” she inquired. Is it possible for us to receive it?”

“Oh, I’m sure it is!” says the narrator. Lorraine responded.

Susanna wore a silky pink wrap dress to host the broadcast of Good Morning Britain on Thursday.

The costume choice distracted viewers, who were more interested in her dress than in the news stories being presented.

“#GMB, yup that’s certainly a dressing gown,” one commenter said.

“Just give Susanna a towel to save her blushes,” said another.

Susanna had a “wonderful night’s sleep” and headed right downstairs for the “work from home Zoom call,” according to a third spectator.

Others wondered if the journalist had neglected to put on some clothes.

But it seems the GMB host wasn’t the only one who made a fashion faux pas, with Lorraine admitting she’s made worse mistakes in the past.

Lorraine returned to the screen a little later with her daily chat show, where she spoke Mo Gilligan about his new book, That Moment When: Life Stories from Way Back When.

She also discussed her emotional post-race discussion with Paralympian Ellie Robinson.

“It definitely struck a chord with everyone,” the host told the 20-year-old, who admitted to have been in excruciating pain in recent years.

Ellie defined her Paralympic experience as a story of success rather than “Brinkwire Summary News” after her televised swim.


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