Lorraine is thrown into disarray when Dr. Amir Khan’s mother phones him live on television and says, “I’m very sorry.”


Lorraine is thrown into disarray when Dr. Amir Khan’s mother phones him live on television and says, “I’m very sorry.”

Dr. Amir Khan’s mother tried to phone him during an interview with host Christine Lampard on Tuesday morning, causing temporary commotion in Lorraine.

Dr. Amir Khan appeared on Lorraine to provide viewers with the most up-to-date health advice and to catch up with Christine Lampard. Dr. Amir’s mother chose to interrupt their talk as they were discussing a recent study on the effects of parenting on aging.

Dr. Amir said that a new study was looking into the question of whether parenting can age you by up to seven years.

Dr. Amir began by saying, “This is a study from the University of California.”

He screamed, “Oh, sorry!” as he vanished from view and a Zoom call logo flashed on the screen.

Dr. Amir apologized to Christine, saying, “That was my mother attempting to call me.”

But the host seemed unconcerned, laughing, “I love Mama Khan!”

“Mum, put a stop to it! This is why I can’t sleep because my mother is constantly trying to contact me,” Dr. Amir added.

“@DrAmirKhanGP ah really enjoy watching you on Lorraine with @clbleakley and liked Mama Khan phoning excellent start to my day and hope you have a good day too,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Amir,” said another. #lorraine I’m pleased your mother tried to call you this morning!! I’m hoping you returned her call! “Have a wonderful day.”

“LOVE that Mama Khan is trying to Skype @DrAmirKhanGP LIVE on @lorraine as he’s trying to chat with @clbleakley,” another added. That’s your mother’s for you!”

It comes after Dr. Amir claimed on Twitter that he had to call the cops after receiving death threats.

As he pushes the public to get vaccinated against COVID-19, he revealed he has been receiving hateful messages.

“I’ve experienced so much trolling and online abuse,” Dr. Amir told the Daily Star.

“Just the other day, someone sent me an Instagram DM threatening to ‘kill me’ or that ‘it won’t be safe to leave my house.’”

He told the publication that he had reported the threats to the police.

He stated of the vaccine, “If you don’t take it, that’s your option.”

“Don’t scare me with violence or death just because I disagree with you.”

Dr. Amir recently told This Morning viewers that all 16 and 17-year-olds are sexually active. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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