Lord Sugar says to Oprah Winfrey, “Tell them to Oprah Winfrey.”


Lord Sugar insisted on telling Oprah Winfrey about it.

LORD ALAN SUGAR took to Twitter last night to express his displeasure with his contestants’ sob stories.

Lord Alan Sugar, 74, took to Twitter on Thursday evening to say he’s not interested in hearing “sob stories” this season, during the highly-anticipated 16th season premiere of the show.

Instead, he joked, those people should talk to Oprah Winfrey.

I don’t want to hear any sad stories, but if you do, you can tell Oprah Winfrey.

Alan Sugar (Lord Sugar) is a British business

Alan wrote on Twitter, “I told them I don’t do cuddles.”

“I’m not interested in hearing any sob stories; if you have any, tell them to Oprah Winfrey.”

His 5.2 million Instagram followers were clearly amused by the witty remark in the comments section.

@VictoriaDarragh wrote, “I believe there was a line in a Hollywood film that said,’sweetie save it for Oprah.'”

“Very true Lord Sugar,” said another Twitter user @HolmeJanet.

“Do you want a cuddle, my lord?” @Jamesrr04 joked.

Last night, the business-focused reality show premiered its first episode of season 16, with entrepreneur Harry Mahmood becoming the first candidate to be fired.

As they began their first mission, the men and women were divided into two groups, with Akshay Thkrar leading one and Kathryn Louise Burn leading the other.

The goal was to create a cruise ship brand as well as an advertising campaign that would be pitched to travel industry executives.

Alan’s associates were underwhelmed by both teams, but the men’s team in particular left a bad taste in their mouth after failing to include the brand name on their logo, which associates thought looked like a “turd.”

Harry expressed his dissatisfaction with the task in an interview with Metro, saying he was disappointed that his time on the show was cut short before he had a chance to demonstrate his team-leading abilities.

“I’m disappointed because I didn’t get to show off my business skills, my creativity, my energy, my creative space – I didn’t get to do anything,” he gushed.

“I feel like I’ve been robbed of that opportunity, which is extremely aggravating, but I accept it as fate because I believe everything happens for a reason.

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I don’t want to hear any sob stories if you have any of them you can tell them Oprah Winfrey

Lord Alan Sugar


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