‘Looks like something out of Aliens!,’ Ben Shephard says of his New Year’s knee injury.


‘Looks like something out of Aliens!’ says Ben Shephard of his New Year’s knee injury.

BEN SHEPHARD took to Instagram this afternoon to share some recovery videos after suffering a “knee incident” in the new year.

Ben Shephard, host of Good Morning Britain, gave a candid update on social media following his recent “knee incident.”

The presenter included a video revealing his unusual recovery methods for healing his knee, which he admitted looked like something out of the Alien film franchise.

Ben, 47, used his Instagram story to share his knee recovery videos with his 490,000 followers.

Ben showed his leg in the first video, which was fitted with a number of muscle stimulators from Compex UK.

The four stimulators appeared to be attached to his leg by wires and pulsated slightly as they worked their magic.

“Had a knee incident over NY so back on the @complex_uk to get the muscle firing!!!” Ben captioned the photo.

He added with a flushed face emoji, “Always looks like something out of Aliens!”

The muscle stimulators on his leg vibrated much more intensely in the next video.

Ben added cheerfully in the caption, “Getting jiggy with it!”

Compex muscle stimulators, according to the company, are designed to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts get the most out of their workouts and recover faster.

Electronic muscle stimulators have been used by physical therapists since the 1960s and are supposed to work by sending electrical signals to contract the muscles.

Ben is well-known to many viewers as the host of Good Morning Britain and the host of ITV’s game show Tipping Point.

The star, on the other hand, is an avid athlete who enjoys kitesurfing, wakeboarding, rugby, football, and golf.

Ben has run 14 marathons, run across the United Kingdom twice, represented England at Soccer Aid, and even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with Gary Barlow, Chris Moyles, and Cheryl in the last decade.

He has previously spoken about “nasty” leg injuries on Good Morning Britain in June 2021.

On his show, the journalist revealed that he had taken a tumble while playing football, rupturing his ACL, tearing his meniscus, and breaking his leg as a result.

His co-anchor.

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