‘Long overdue,’ M&S overhauls its apparel area – ‘it’s a sad day.’


‘Long overdue,’ M&S overhauls its apparel area – ‘it’s a sad day.’

In several of its stores across the UK, MARKS AND SPENCER has discontinued stocking suits. It follows a 72 percent decline in formal wear demand as a result of Britons being compelled to work from home during the pandemic.

During the epidemic, Marks and Spencer, like many other stores, had to make significant modifications. The most recent adjustment is in the clothing sector, where certain retailers will no longer offer formal suits.

It comes after people who work from home wear more comfortable clothes like joggers and sweaters.

Suits are only available in 110 of the retail chain’s 254 locations across the country, which is less than half of its total.

Over the last year, demand for men’s suits has decreased, while demand for casual wear has increased.

In the year leading up to last month, British buyers purchased two million men’s suits, compared to just over four million five years ago.

According to new Kantar study, the figure was five million ten years ago.

Suit sales for women have also decreased, from 600,000 in 2017 to 500,000 currently.

According to the shop, formal wear sales were down 15% online and 72 percent in stores in the year to April compared to the previous year.

While retail stores were shuttered for several months due to the epidemic, people were compelled to turn to online shopping.

M&S reported a 61 percent increase in casualwear online sales during the same time period.

Despite the drop in demand, many vented their dissatisfaction on social media.

“It’s taken a long time, but Marks & Spencer is the best location to acquire suits; I hope my local still sells them,” one individual stated.

“It’s a sad day because they were so reasonable and it’s always difficult to order online, need to try them on,” another remarked.

A third wrote, “Surprised M&S is cutting that line down, I thought they were popular.”

“I do not believe the suit demand has fallen so much,” a fourth shopper added, “certainly weddings are still happening.”

“During the epidemic, we worked hard to adjust our product range to be more relevant to clients’ fast changing needs,” said Wes Taylor, director of M&S menswear.

“Covid jumped on the already-existing trend toward more casual wearing, so our smartwear is now more focused on smart separates – easy.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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