Lockdown of Covid: Minister of the Church of Scotland calls for a national Karol front door service


A minister of the Church of Scotland is encouraging a national carol concert to be held on the doorsteps of people so that Scots can express their Christmas spirit while complying with regulations on coronavirus.

Rev. Mike Goss encourages households to meet outside their homes to sing “Doorstep Carols” ensuring that at 6 p.m. it will not be quite so silent. When the Scots break out into music, on Dec. 20.

With Covid 19 limitations restricting conventional door-to-door singing, he called for classics such as “Away in a Manger” and “O Come, All Ye Faithful” to fill the streets to send a clear message that Christmas is “not canceled.”

Jason Leitch defends the Christmas rules, maintaining that “Scotland is innovative enough to make it work.”

“People are understandably feeling down because the impact of the restrictions will almost certainly mean that Christmas will look different this year,” the vicar of Barry Parish Church and Carnoustie Church in Angus said.

“But the real meaning is still the same, and I hope that family groups and people in bubbles going out on their doorsteps and making sure they stand two feet away from their neighbors will provide a sense of joy, peace and comfort.”

He added, “It is fair to say that many people feel that this year they have lost their singing voices because since March we have not been able to sing in church and many choirs find it hard to organize online events.”

“Doorstep Carols is an opportunity for people to come together in small numbers in a socially distant and responsible way as part of a wider community across Scotland to celebrate this special time of year.”

Mr. Goss also encouraged parishes to record and share brief videos of the doorstep carol songs of their members on social media.

Members of parishes in Angus have announced that they will take part in a project that could become Scotland’s largest carol concert.

How can I participate?

The event will be held at 6pm on December 20. There will be five Christmas carols sung, lasting about 15 minutes.

The lyrics to the five carols can be downloaded before the concert from the web pages of Mr. Goss’s church.


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