Local governments have warned of “serious” collection delays due to a scarcity of garbage drivers.


Local governments have warned of “serious” collection delays due to a scarcity of garbage drivers.

Retailers and restaurants have experienced supply disruptions due to a shortage of HGV drivers. Due to a scarcity of bin lorry drivers, local governments are now warning citizens about collection delays.

Due to a scarcity of garbage lorry drivers, local councils across the country have issued warnings to people that their rubbish may be delayed in being collected. Following a poll of its members, the Road Haulage Association (RHA) estimates that there is now a shortage of more than 100,000 drivers in the UK, compared to a pre-pandemic total of roughly 600,000.

There is a severe scarcity of HGV drivers as a result of the epidemic and Brexit-related difficulties.

Supermarkets and fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s and Nando’s have all been affected.

Costa Coffee, Pizza Hut, Wetherspoon, and Toby Carvery have all stated that their supply chains are experiencing problems.

Residents have been told that their garbage will not be collected for a long period by local governments around the country.

Basildon Council sent out a tweet to its inhabitants informing them of the situation.

“Pink sack recycling collections have been suspended in Billericay today due to high levels of sickness,” the message stated. Please bring in your sacks until further notice. Please accept our apologies for any trouble this may cause.”

Residents around the country have also expressed dissatisfaction with their local council’s decision to halt rubbish collections owing to driver shortages.

“This is becoming crazy now,” one individual observed, “our bin can barely hold three sacks at most.”

“They have suspended our local brown bin collections this week and next week owing to lorry shortages, what on earth are we supposed to do?” said another.

“I could fill my bin every single day,” a third stated. “At this pace, I’m going to have to travel to my local dump.”

“Didn’t realize we were having a countrywide bin shortage until my bins weren’t picked up this morning,” a fourth tweeted.

“Our council stated there could be serious collection delays unless the driver shortage is resolved as soon as possible,” one Wirral resident added.

Other cities with driver shortages include Nottingham, Manchester, and Lancaster.

Due to its “thinly stretched staff,” Nottingham City Council has cautioned that garden waste and bulky rubbish are not always collected on time.

Buckinghamshire Council has stated that it is under strain due to a lack of drivers. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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