Lloyd, the star of Yellowstone, speaks out about the Walker brawl, saying, ‘Imagine something else.’


‘Imagine something else,’ says Yellowstone’s Lloyd about the struggles of the Walker brawl.

Lloyd Walker of YELLOWSTONE has opened up about an epic brawl scene and why fighting his co-star was difficult.

The fourth installment of Yellowstone premiered on Paramount Network this month, much to the delight of fans.

In addition to the Dutton family drama, viewers saw tensions between Lloyd (Forrie J Smith) and Walker (Ryan Bingham) rise.

Away from the cameras, Lloyd revealed why he finds it difficult to fight Walker during their epic battle.

Fans watched in disbelief as weeks of tension culminated in a fistfight in the episode titled “Winning or Learning.”

After a fight broke out at the ranch, Lloyd, as the oldest ranch hand, was left beaten up by Walker.

In a behind-the-scenes interview, actor Forrie spoke about the fight scene and why he found it difficult to participate.

“I really had no anger towards Ryan Bingham, I love the guy, and there were times when I had to imagine him as someone else to be able to put that anger towards him,” he explained.

It all started when Lloyd, Walker, and the other ranch hands were herding the cattle for doctoring in the episode.

Despite the fact that the herd had pink eye, putting the Ranch’s other animals’ health at risk, Lloyd insisted on taking the animal to the arena to make doctoring easier.

Walker openly disagreed, arguing that they should do it where they were to avoid endangering the other animals.

“Who made you boss, when boss is gone?” Walked asked after telling him and those who agreed with him to “shut up.”

Even though they were capable of performing their duties, it began at night, when all of the ranch hands were gathered in the bunkhouse.

When Walker asked Lloyd why he wasn’t eating Tereter’s (Jennifer Landon) food, things escalated.

Lloyd retaliated by kicking Walker in the stomach, resulting in the two fighting while the group attempted to separate them.

The brawl became so vicious that Walker was thrown across the table, much to everyone’s surprise.

Lloyd kicked Walker in the stomach, and the two began punching each other, with the rest of the group attempting to stop them.

With Walker being thrown across the room, the argument got out of hand.

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