LIVE STREAM OF Masked Singer Season 6 – As they dazzle the judges, fans assume Banana Split is David Foster and Katherine McPhee.


LIVE STREAM OF Masked Singer Season 6 – As they dazzle the judges, fans assume Banana Split is David Foster and Katherine McPhee.

THE Masked Singer is back for another week with the stars of Group B, and after wowing the judges, viewers are speculating Banana Split to be David Foster and Katherine McPhee.

Banana Split wowed the judges with their rendition of Michael Buble’s “Cry Me A River,” prompting viewers to reveal their guesses on social media.

“Banana Split is Katharine McPhee and David Foster. “Until I change my mind, but #TheMaskedSinger is where I’m headed,” one Twitter user stated.

“We all know the banana split is none other than Katherine McPhee and David Foster, They sounded fantastic together this year #TheMaskedSinger,” another wrote.

Caterpillar, a new wildcard for this week, goes up first on Masked Singer tonight, followed by Cupcake, Banana Split, Mallard, and Queen of Hearts.

It comes after the audience chanted “take it off” as Baby unmasked, revealing the celebrity within to be American comedian Daniel Lawrence Whitney, aka Larry the Cable Guy, at the close of the October 6 program.

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After performing Flo Rida’s “My House,” Mallard disclosed that his first celebrity crush was Olivia Newton-John, and that his favorite feature is his “dimples.”

With the s on, #MallardMask has nothing to hide. #TheMaskedSinger SINGING IN FRENCH BY THE QUEEN OF HEARTS Queen of Hearts performed “Le vie in rose” and wowed the audience by singing in French, something she admitted she had never done before.

The audience learnt that Queen of Hearts enjoys “reading and riding motorcycles” during the judges’ speed dating round with her.

Ken Jeong won Queen of Hearts’ heart because they would both enjoy a “roasting hot” first date, according to Queen of Hearts.

Is #QueenOfHeartsMask a fan of books or films? Send us an email or a tweet to let us know what you think. #TheMaskedSinger CLUES FROM THE QUEEN OF HEARTS “I think people are surprised that I’m shy because I don’t appear shy on stage,” Queen of Hearts explained.

She’s looking for a King of Hearts who’s “handsome, outdoorsy, and intellectual.”

CUPCAKE SINGS ‘FINESSE’Before speed dating, Cupcake sang Bruno Mars’ “Finesse.”

Cupcake’s favorite app for food is Whole Foods, the character reveals.


Cupcake confessed that she’s had “many husbands” and that she admires Bruno Mars’ “romantic style.”

#CupcakeMask, thank you very much for the hints! ndNQfD4zRI WHERE COULD BANANA SPLIT COME FROM? Sara Bareilles and Josh Groban, according to Judge Nicole, were hiding in the Banana Split costumes.

#TheMaskedSinger The party doesn’t start until #BananaSplitMask walks in.


The Banana Split “doesn’t kiss first… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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