LIVE patch notes for Escape from Tarkov – 12.11 update and EFT map news


LIVE patch notes for Escape from Tarkov – 12.11 update and EFT map news

ESCAPE from Tarkov was deleted today, and fans are eagerly awaiting the full EFT patch notes.

UPDATE: Following the official server wipe on June 30, developers Battlestate Games have released the full Escape from Tarkov 12.11 patch notes today.

The EFT factory map extension and gun malfunctioning features that fans discovered yesterday are included prominently in the latest update changelog.

However, there are a lot of minor modifications that gamers should be aware of, such as how they influence optics and what new weapons are available in-game.

The following changes are included in the official Escape From Takov 12.11 patch notes:


Expansion of the “Factory.”

Tagilla, the new scavenger boss. Killa’s younger brother. He’s made “Factory” his personal space, where he actively uses his previous sports and warfare skills. He can use his favored weapon, a sledgehammer, in close combat. When it strikes someone, the best case scenario is confusion and shattered bones, but it almost often results in death. If necessary, the boss can prepare ambushes, open suppressive fire, and breach.

Weapon malfunctions and technological deterioration in the first iteration

Almost every gun in the game now has the ability to misfire.

Misfire can be dealt with in a variety of ways. Not only by using the “Resolve” hotkey (Shift+T by default), but also by manipulating bolts.

The technical condition of the guns, as well as their degeneration from fire, were reworked. The rate of degradation is affected by certain ammo and weapon mods. We added a new stat called “Durability Burn” to the inspector menu to show this.

Misfires are now more likely or less likely depending on the ammo used.

Base accuracy, offset of the center point of contact, and general misfire likelihood are all influenced by the weapon’s technical condition.

NVIDIA Reflex support has also been added. In addition, input lag in-game has been reduced.

Reputation of the fence Being the embodiment of Scav karma. Players can now lose reputation by killing non-hostile scavs and gain reputation by assisting scavs and scav bosses in killing their foe. You may also get Fence reputation by utilizing the exfil “a friendly scav” or the automobile exfil.

What will the reputation of the fence have an impact on:

Player-scav cooldown, scavbox “craft” time, player-scav exfils, car extract cost, player-scav kit, and prices when selling stuff to Fence

“Brinkwire Summary News.” The higher the Fence repute, the better.


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