Liv Flaherty of Emmerdale will leave after Aaron Dingle’s ultimatum?


Liv Flaherty of Emmerdale will leave after Aaron Dingle’s ultimatum?

Liv Flaherty of Emmerdale could be on her way out after Aaron Dingle kicks her out of Mill Cottage next week.

Isobel Steele’s Liv Flaherty has been suffering with alcoholism all year, but it appears she may reach rock bottom this month.

Official serial spoilers reveal how Liv will be thrown out of Mill Cottage and forced to sleep outside in the cold, according to this website’s interview with the actress who plays Liv. Is there a chance Liv will leave Emmerdale completely?

When Liv thinks she can stop drinking whenever she wants next week, Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) has his doubts.

However, Liv’s conversation with Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) prompts her to reach for the bottle once more.

The fan favorite advises Liv to remain away from her son, saying that she should concentrate on getting sober.

Mandy sneaks Vinny Dingle’s (Bradley Johnson) phone when she returns to Wishing Well Cottage, intending to keep them apart.

When Liv tries to call Vinny, she is unable to do so, and Mandy informs her that Vinny has blocked her.

Mandy then adds to the commotion by informing Liv that he is on a date with Belle Dingle (Eden- Taylor-Draper).

Liv quickly notices Vinny with Belle and confronts him about not returning her calls.

They eventually realize Mandy has been interfering with their affairs, and when Vinny returns home, he is enraged by his mother’s deception and manipulation.

When it comes to Liv and Vinny’s relationship, he says they can just be friends since there’s too much water under the bridge and Liv needs to get back on track.

Liv is irritated, so she makes a mysterious call and sets up a date, and that person shows up the next day.

Liv will be shown downing a shot of vodka before welcoming her visitor, Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant).

She then proposes that he pick a movie for them while downing more vodka for courage and to forget about Vinny.

When Liv recommends they go upstairs and she begins to undress, Jacob is taken aback.

However, they are stopped when Aaron enters, and the siblings begin to dispute, resulting in Aaron tossing Liv out.

Ben Tucker, Aaron’s on-again, off-again partner, is concerned about Liv’s safety. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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