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Melissa Gilbert, the actress who played Laura Ingalls Wilder in “Little House on the Prairie,” was nice with the children of executive producer, writer, director and Charles Ingalls actor Michael Landon, Leslie and Michael Landon Jr. (or, Mike Jr.), from the start of shooting. They formed feelings for each other and dated for a while when Gilbert and Mike Jr. were teenagers. Gilbert particularly recalled one date when Mike Jr. made her a unique version of spaghetti (to put it nicely).

“Melissa Gilbert claims her friendship was not “made up for PR purposes” with Michael Landon Jr.

“Gilbert writes in her memoir, Prairie Tale, that her relationship with Mike Jr. was “a sure sign of transformation.” She had always had crushes on other celebrities until that point – adolescents she found unattainable.

And she was starting to worry that nobody would ever have a crush on her.

Then, right under her nose, Mike Jr. turned up.

They were still close.

She wrote, “I was also close to Mike Jr. who was a year younger than Leslie and I,” “I slept at their house and they slept at mine, often enough that they felt like my weekend family.”

Suddenly, Mike Jr. was seen by Gilbert in a different way.

She wrote, “He was adorable; he had blond, curly hair and a great sense of humor,” “I would lie in bed at night and his face would flash before my eyes as I tried to fall asleep. It was the first time I felt butterflies in my stomach thinking about a boy.”

The emotions of Gilbert were genuine; the relationship “wasn’t contrived for PR purposes like so many teen romances in Hollywood.”

For Melissa Gilbert, Michael Landon Jr.’s effort to make spaghetti

Gilbert recalls a night out with Mike Jr. in her book, when he tried to cook her dinner.

‘Little House on the Prairie’: Melissa Gilbert once left ‘speechless’ Michael Landon

She said, “One time he cooked spaghetti for me that had a can of Hormel chili on top instead of marinara sauce,”

“It was actually quite delicious.”It was actually quite delicious.

Ski Trip by Melissa Gilbert with Michael Landon Jr.

Another important moment in their friendship was when Gilbert and Mike Jr. went together on a ski trip (with several other people, including adult chaperones).

Gilbert wrote, “My mother also sent a bunch of us kids on a ski trip to Sun Valley, where she had a condo,” “Included in the gang were my brother and Mike Jr.

It was a wonderful moment for me to go away with a child, despite the fact that I had many adult chaperones.

Gilbert was anxious, so she spent a lot of time playing pranks over the weekend.

“On this trip, I knew how to open the bathroom door when it was locked, so Mike Jr. and I snuck in while my brother was in the shower and dumped a bucket of snow on him,” she wrote. “Jonathan had never screamed so high and so loud in his life.”

Her relationship with Mike Jr. was characterized by the “Little House” actress as innocent.

She wouldn’t exactly call it “a romance.” as much as he gave her butterflies in her stomach. But together they made some beautiful memories that Gilbert always looks back on fondly.


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