‘Little House on the Prairie’: Charlotte Stewart’s “common interests” included “sex, alcohol and cocaine… and backgammon” with this Oscar winner.


In 1974, Charlotte Stewart of “Little House on the Prairie” landed the part of Miss Eva Beadle, Walnut Grove’s children’s teacher. Stewart talked frankly about her past experiences with drugs and alcohol in the first four seasons of the historical drama.

The “Little House” alum described in her memoir a relationship with the winner of the Oscar that went from parties to his efforts to get her sober.

Richard Dreyfuss introduced Charlotte Stewart to

Miss Beadle married Adam Simms in season 4.

Actor Josh Bryant, Stewart’s longtime friend, assumed the role of her on-screen husband. One evening, Bryant welcomed Stewart to his home for a gathering, where she quickly became friends with rising star Richard Dreyfuss.

“Josh invited me to a party at his house, where I met his buddy Richard Dreyfuss,” Stewart says in her book Little House in the Hollywood Hills: A Bad Girl’s Guide to Being Miss Beadle, Mary X, and Me. “Richard and I had great chemistry, and the next day he sent a limo to pick me up so I could come over to play.”

The two find several items, ranging from drug use to board games, in general.

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The ” the ” alum recalled, ” alum recalled. ” We found out that we had a lot of mutual interests, such as sex, booze and cocaine, besides the fact that he is devilishly smart, charming and attractive. Yeah, and backgammon as well.

The star of ‘Little House’ called backgammon and cocaine a “popular combination”

Stewart reflected on the performance of Dreyfuss in the back-to-back box office successes where he starred.

Dreyfuss won an Academy Award for Best Actor for the 1977 film ‘The Goodbye Girl.’

“[Dreyfuss] had an amazing career period,” remembered Stewart, “shooting Jaws, The Goodbye Girl and Close Encounters of the Third Kind one after the other.”

Stewart exposed a combination of two vices which were in vogue at the time by explaining how they mostly spent their outings.

“We both liked to go to a restaurant/bar called Ports, which was across the street from Goldwyn Studios,”We both enjoyed going to a restaurant/bar called Ports that was across the street from Goldwyn Studios. “We did cocaine (in the restroom) and played backgammon all night. It was a surprisingly popular combination at the time.”

Richard Dreyfuss started to follow the path to sobriety

Stewart recounted her own experience with drug and alcohol abuse in her memoir. While she did not start down the road to sobriety until the 1980s, during their relationship, she noted that Dreyfuss started heading in that direction.

“Even when we were partying together, Richard had some interest in getting sober,” the Little House star noted. “It’s hard to keep all the plates of a successful film career going and fully commit to the twin issues of drugs and alcohol.”

Over time, Stewart and Dreyfuss drifted apart. The “Jaws” star attempted to persuade Stewart to accompany him to a recovery meeting when they met again many years later.

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“He invited me to an event to hear people talk about getting sober – something that had changed his life,”He invited me to an event to hear people talk about getting sober – something that had changed his life. “At the time, I was happy to go and assumed Richard just wanted to spend time with me. … It never occurred to me that maybe he invited me because he thought sobriety was something I could benefit from. I just thought he had a thing for me.”

How to get assistance: In the U.S., call the treatment center of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration at 1-800-662-4357.


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