Lisa Rinna has been dubbed ‘Karen’ by ‘RHOBH’ fans due to her purported beliefs on bringing ‘race’ to the Bravo show.


Lisa Rinna has been dubbed ‘Karen’ by ‘RHOBH’ fans due to her purported beliefs on bringing ‘race’ to the Bravo show.

‘Are we just going to hurry past Rinna because she said she didn’t want to hear about Race from Garcelle?’ ‘I just watched gaslighting and reverse Uno,’ wrote a ‘RHOBH’ devotee. The ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Season 11 reunion started off on a good note. The Beverly Hills ladies brought their A-game to the reunion, not just with their glam but also with the juicy drama they dished to us. Lisa Rinna and Garcelle Beauvais’ friendship was tested when the two couldn’t agree on Denise Richards’ condition on the show, despite their friendship spanning two decades.

Instead of giving her friend the benefit of the doubt and hearing her side of the story when rumors of Denise’s alleged hookup with former ‘RHOBH’ star Brandi Glanville began circulating, Rinna immediately believed the rumors and began pressuring the ‘Wild Things’ actress to admit that she had hooked up with Brandi. Rinna’s actions had such an impact on Denise that she eventually left the show. Garcelle, who had been by Denise’s side throughout the experience, was dissatisfied with Rinna’s actions and the way she treated her friend. Garcelle thought she couldn’t entirely trust Rinna after seeing how dirty she played Denise, which put a strain on their connection. Rinna, on the other hand, was adamant about making peace with Garcelle and made repeated attempts to do so.

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‘Manipulative’ is slammed by ‘RHOBH’ enthusiasts. Garcelle for pressuring Rinna into making an apology to Denise. ‘RHOBH’ fans attack dumb ‘Karens,’ while Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards ridicule Haitian food. Garcelle promised to keep an open mind about Rinna and their friendship, but she still struggled to trust her two-decade buddy. Garcelle started to feel like Rinna didn’t have her back and that she was being treated like an outsider, which made things even worse between the two friends. Rinna became defensive and nasty to Garcelle during the reunion, rather than trying to comprehend and hear Garcelle’s worries. Garcelle, on the other hand, managed to silence Rinna by revealing that it was brought to her attention by someone that Rinna had remarked she should have never brought race into the show.

The ladies were speechless as soon as Garcelle revealed this. Rinna quickly denied making the remark and began behaving admirably toward Garcelle. She sat next to Garcelle and began telling her how much she adored her and how all she wanted was for them to be friends. Rinna’s fans were giddy with delight when they saw her sing a different song after she was accused of being racist. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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