Lisa Nandy slammed Dominic Raab as a “weak link” and said, “Typical Labour!”


Lisa Nandy slammed Dominic Raab as a “weak link” and said, “Typical Labour!”

BBC Breakfast viewers have slammed Lisa Nandy for referring to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab as a “weak link” in the operation to evacuate refugees from Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover.

The Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs spoke to Dan Walker and Louise Minchin on BBC Breakfast on Wednesday. She slammed the government’s handling of the Afghan government’s fall and response. Lisa Nandy lambasted Dominic Raab for leaving the UK in “an terrible condition,” despite calling the evacuation of 15,000 people a “amazing effort.”

“This is why it’s so horrible that we’re in this situation,” she told BBC viewers. “We saw it just earlier this week, the government was able to cooperate with other countries to get a UN Security Council resolution – but what does it mean?” she said.

“It means we’ll have to work out accords with nations like China and Russia, which we’ve tried to be tougher on in the past, and that’s the reality of where the foreign secretary has left us.

“We’re in a position where we have to rely on Taliban approval and make arrangements with China and Russia just to protect vital British interests.”

“Are you still getting communications from folks in Afghanistan attempting to get out?” Minchin inquired. And what are the kinds of things that people are telling you?”

“If anything, since the air bridge stopped, the situation has become much more urgent for those who are left behind,” Nandy responded.

“My office, along with Labour MPs, is still dealing with thousands of cases of people still stranded in Afghanistan. We have British nationals, children who have been split from their parents and are detained there, people in wheelchairs or on dialysis who clearly cannot walk to a border as the Defence Secretary suggested.”

“We also have high-profile public figures, particularly women, who are being hunted by the Taliban and are running out of places to go because many people in Afghanistan are trying to provide them with shelter, but they’re terrified of reprisals from the Taliban if they’ve sheltered people who have helped Britain as well,” she continued.

“Many MPs were saying yesterday when I spoke to the Defence Secretary [Ben Wallace].

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