Lisa Faulkner says that she has to coerce John Torode into watching his BBC show MasterChef.


Lisa Faulkner says that she has to coerce John Torode into watching his BBC show MasterChef.

In an exclusive interview with This website, LISA FAULKNER stated that she has to compel her husband John Torode to watch his BBC show MasterChef with her.

Despite having hosted the BBC show for 16 years, actress and chef Lisa Faulkner, 49, has confessed that her other half, John Torode, 56, has to be persuaded to watch MasterChef with her. Lisa mentioned that she needs to “force” John to watch the show with her because it is her favorite.

He, on the other hand, avoids watching after a long day of filming with his co-star Gregg Wallace, 56.

Lisa made the revelation while talking about her partnership with Volvic Touch Of Fruit, which is giving one fortunate contestant the chance to win the ultimate ‘Beyond Your Expectations’ picnic.

Lisa admitted that she and John “don’t watch a lot of cooking shows on TV” aside from MasterChef when asked if they become competitive with their fellow celebrity chefs.

“I have to say I don’t watch a lot of cooking shows on TV,” the John and Lisa’s Weekend Kitchen host stated in an exclusive interview with This website.

“I force John to watch MasterChef because I adore the show.

“And he’s like, ‘Oh really, I just finished filming this, I’ve been here all day,’ but I really want to see it because it’s my favorite show.”

Lisa expressed her admiration for other television chefs by saying, “I mean, I adore Nigella [Lawson], I’ll watch every culinary show she’s on, and I love Mary Berry.”

“But, because it’s a busman’s vacation, we don’t tend to, therefore I don’t watch as many cookery shows.”

“And I think there are a lot of excellent chefs, and I’ve missed it a lot.

“Normally, we do culinary festivals where you get to meet everyone and see James [Martin] and Gino [D’Acampo] or anybody, and there’s a lot of camaraderie amongst us all, so I miss seeing them all.”

Lisa went on to state that she tries to keep her other half from giving her MasterChef spoilers because she wants to be shocked by the show when it airs.

“My favorite is the standard MasterChef, my favorite show ever to watch,” the former Brookside actress remarked.

“John occasionally returns; he never says anything to me, but every now and then he’ll say, ‘I had this dish and.’ Brinkwire Summary News”.


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