Lineker was shocked by the ‘abhorrent’ hunter couple who severed an elephant’s tail and held it in the air.


Lineker was shocked by the ‘abhorrent’ hunter couple who severed an elephant’s tail and held it in the air.

GARY LINEKER has taken to Twitter to criticize a “abhorrent” pair who hunt and slaughter elephants.

After video of a bungled elephant hunt surfaced, Gary Lineker, 60, resorted to social media to express his displeasure. In Botswana, a video showed the head of the US National Rifle Association (NRA) killing an elephant repeatedly.

The video was shot in 2013 by the NRA-sponsored television series Under Wild Skies and featured Wayne LaPierre and his wife on a hunt.

After the New Yorker published the footage earlier this year, it was eventually made public.

The violent video, according to accounts, shows Mr LaPierre firing at the animal from point-blank range.

Another hunter takes the fatal shot after Mr LaPierre struggles to kill it.

Susan LaPierre, Mr. LaPierre’s wife, is shown later in the video purportedly killing another elephant by cutting off its tail and hoisting it in the air while yelling “Victory.”

The host of Match of the Day retweeted a story detailing the couple’s actions, which enraged animal rights groups.

Gary vented his rage after hearing about the elephant hunt on his 8.1 million Twitter followers.

“How could you ever do this?” he tweeted. “Absolutely repulsive.”

Many fans expressed their displeasure with animal hunting in their comments on the post.

“To desire to give wild animals agony like that shows they are devoid of any compassion and decency,” one person remarked.

“Anyone who is contemplating about or has previously mistreated an elephant in any manner should view this movie,” said another.

“They are amazing creatures that are far more intelligent than we believe.”

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“Oh my God, this is a complete nightmare. Horrible stomach churning. A third posted, “The world must take a stance against this most despicable of behavior.”

“Victory?” exclaimed a fourth. As if the elephant was competing with people in any way… awful. “I’m sad and sick.”

Animal rights organizations were outraged when the footage was released in April.

Hunting elephants was not prohibited in Botswana at the time, though it has since been curtailed.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Endangered Species categorized the elephant species slaughtered as endangered in November of last year. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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