Linda’s debut duet with Paul McCartney was a sad farewell to The Beatles.

Around the time The Beatles broke up in 1970, PAUL MCCARTNEY recorded a solo album. The album included a song that served as a touching farewell to his time in the band with which he had grown up, and featured his wife for the first time.

After concluding the writing and production of their final album, Let It Be, the Beatles disbanded in 1970. After 10 years in a world-famous band that sold millions of records and toured the globe, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison all parted ways. In April 1970, one month before the release of Let It Be in May 1970, McCartney produced his first solo album, which included an homage to his old band, Man We Were Lonely.

The song was recorded right before the final touches were applied to Let It Be.

McCartney later described the upbeat track as his attempt to write a Johnny Cash-style song. The lyrics, on the other hand, were filled with grief.

“It wasnâ€TMt that easy when I quit the Beatles,” McCartney said in 2001. I believe that Man We Were Lonely was a representation of those times.”

The lyrics “Man we were lonely, yeah we were lonely / And we were hard pressed to find a grin / Man we were lonely, yes we were lonely / But now we’re fine all the while” were included in Man We Were Lonely.

Despite the fact that it was a difficult moment for McCartney, the tune was special because he enlisted the cooperation of his wife to put the final touches on it.

“The chorus [to Man We Were Lonely]was written in bed at home shortly before we finished recording the album,” he remarked in 1970. The midsection was completed in a rush one lunchtime, as we were scheduled to record the song that afternoon.

“On this song, which is our first duet together, Linda [McCartney] sings harmony. My Telecaster is playing steel guitar with a drum peg.”

Despite the fact that this was the couple’s first musical collaboration, it wasn’t exactly a pleasant song.

Later, McCartney revealed some of the feelings that went into the song’s creation.

“My biggest concern was that I had to sue the Beatles,” he explained.

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