Linda Thompson was ‘moved’ by a ‘beautiful’ photo presentation of her with Elvis Presley WATCH.


Linda Thompson was ‘moved’ by a ‘beautiful’ photo presentation of her with Elvis Presley WATCH.

Linda Thompson, Elvis Presley’s former lover, was “touched” by a “wonderful” photo display of her and The King’s relationship photos from 50 years ago, which fans can view here.

Linda Thompson may have dated Elvis Presley almost 50 years ago, but she still remembers her four-year relationship with the King of Rock and Roll fondly. The 71-year-old has now reposted a touching photo presentation of her and The King, which was first shared on a page dedicated to their romance from 1972 until 1976. “Since it’s Throwback Thursday, and I was so affected by this lovely presentation @elvis and linda gram – I had to re-post it!” Linda wrote in the caption.

“Thank you, dear Laura, for doing such a fantastic job on this and all you post!” Linda added. I value your commitment and love…”

Elvis sings For The Good Times in the video slideshow, which includes lyrics that depict their love.

“Still, I recall all of our happy days together,” they read. We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot.

“Oh, how I wish you could understand what my heart is saying tonight, sweetheart. I miss you and wish you could be here with me.”

Linda Thompson (@ltlindathompson) shared a post.

Photographs of Elvis and Linda out and about, posing at events together, and during karate class are among the different couple photos.

During Elvis Week this month, Linda has also paid tribute to the King, posting images of herself during his funeral on August 18, 1977.

Linda sought a more normal existence and the pair had broken up amicably around Christmas 1976.

During Elvis’ final year, the two remained friends, and Ginger Alden, the King’s last girlfriend, tragically discovered his body after he died of a heart attack on the toilet.

Linda Thompson (@ltlindathompson) shared a post.

Linda paid a poignant homage to her former flame Elvis Presley on August 16, the 44th anniversary of his death.

The 71-year-tweet old’s includes video of Elvis singing What Now My Love from the 1973 musical Aloha From Hawaii, as well as numerous images of the duo together.

“Thank you to all the passionate, loyal, and staunch fans throughout the world who remember August,” Linda said in the caption.


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