Linda Thompson, Elvis Presley’s ex-girlfriend, has shared photos from their time together.


Linda Thompson, Elvis Presley’s ex-girlfriend, has shared photos from their time together.

Linda Thompson, Elvis Presley’s ex-girlfriend, has posted additional throwback photos from their time together.

Elvis first met Linda Thompson, the former Miss Tennessee model, almost 50 years ago. From 1972 to 1976, the couple lived together in Graceland, and his former girlfriend has been sharing images of their time together in recent years. The 71-year-old shared a video montage of couple images from the elvis and linda gram page in some of her most recent Instagram stories.

Linda also uploaded a photo of The King in one of his various automobiles, with Tiger Man playing over the top.

“There’s cool, and then there’s Elvis cool,” his ex-girlfriend captioned the photo. “Awesome candid…”

Linda’s autobiography, A Little Thing Called Life: On Loving Elvis Presley, Bruce Jenner, and Songs in Between, was published in 2016.

The web page elvis and linda gram just shared a clip from a book signing where Linda discussed how she approached writing about Elvis.

Linda stated that everything that could be written about Elvis Presley has already been published, even made-up stories.

“So I genuinely thought this was a great burden to this day,” she explained. I’ve always tried to portray him in the best light possible.

“I tried to write the book with kindness, tolerance, and understanding since he was such a unique human being.

“As well as a smattering of wisdom that can only be gained by life experience.”

Linda & Elvis (@elvis and linda gram) shared a post.

Linda explained how she had to live her life and carve out her own path in order to avoid being labeled as someone who simply jumped on the book writing bandwagon to make a quick buck off Elvis’ back.

She went on to say that The King’s devotion for her was “the greatest love possible.”

“He inspired my songs, he influenced every area of my life,” says the singer.

Recently, Elvis’ ex reunited with his stepbrother at the old Las Vegas Hilton, where the singer used to perform his residencies, to pay respect to The King.

Linda posted images of herself and David Stanley taken inside the hotel that is now known as the Westgate.

“What a fabulous few days & nights in Vegas!” she posted on Instagram. Where I generally stay is @palazzovegas.

“It was wonderful to return to the city where I grew up.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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