Lidl has issued an urgent recall of toys due to a potential choking hazard for children.


Lidl has issued an urgent recall of toys due to a potential choking hazard for children.

Lidl, a German discount store, is recalling children’s toys due to a choking threat. The announcement was made on the retailer’s website.

When a discovery is made about a specific item that is judged harmful for consumers, a recall is issued. The Playtive Safari Toy has been recalled by grocer Lidl as a precautionary measure.

As a precaution, Lidl is recalling two distinct models of the Playtive Safari Toy.

“The rivets may become loose, resulting in small fragments that constitute a possible choking danger for newborns and small children,” the grocer stated.

Customers who bought the Playtive Safari Toy Wooden Monkey Rattle with the IAN number 364427 2010 and the model number MS-9103 should return it right away.

Playtive Safari Toy Wooden Elephant Gripper Toy with an IAN number of 364427 2010 and a model number of MS-9102 is also being recalled by Lidl.

On the bottom of the toys, you’ll find the IAN and model number.

“If you have purchased the above-mentioned product, we advise you not to use it,” the supermarket stated.

“Instead, take it back to a Lidl GB store for a complete refund, receipt or no receipt.”

This particular recall has no bearing on any other Playtive toys.

Customers have also been apologized to by Lidl for any inconvenience caused by the toy recall.

“Any customers with inquiries or concerns can contact Customer Service on 0370 444 1234,” the firm wrote.

Morrisons issued an emergency recall for several of their ice creams last week due to worries that they may contain plastic bits.

The recall was announced on the supermarket’s website as well as by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Morrisons Milk Chocolate Amour Ice Cream in a three-pack, 120ml, is being recalled.

“Morrisons is recalling this product date code FEB 2023 because there is a danger that some packs may contain fragments of plastic,” the company announced on its website.

“There are no additional items or best before dates that have been impacted.”

“Do not consume this product; instead, return it to the local retailer for a full refund.” A receipt is not required.

“This problem does not affect any other items.” We apologize for any difficulty this may create, and we guarantee customers that we will continue to provide products of the highest quality and safety.” Plantlife Pulled Oyster Mushroom Burgers from Waitrose are also being recalled due to safety concerns. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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