‘Let me answer the question!’ Dominic Raab shuts down Adil Ray in the social care debate.


‘Let me answer the question!’ Dominic Raab shuts down Adil Ray in the social care debate.

On Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain, ADIL RAY was slammed for criticizing Dominic Raab’s plans to change how social care is funded in England.

On Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, Domnic Raab joined Adil Ray and Susanna Reid to discuss the Government’s social care plan, Boris Johnson’s speech at the Confederation of British Industry, and Harper’s Law.

Raab, on the other hand, scolded Ray for interrupting him during the debate.

Those with assets of less than £20,000 will not have to pay anything towards care fees starting in October 2023, according to the plan, though they may still have to pay from their income.

Those with assets worth more than £100,000 will not be eligible for financial assistance from the council.

Those with assets between £20,000 and £100,000 are eligible for council assistance, but must pay £86,000 to reach the cap.

Ray chastised Raab on the new care plan, saying “those who fall into the £100,000, £86,000 threshold.”

That £20,000 is a very low threshold, and it affects a lot of people in this country, particularly in the north.”

“Anyone with assets between £20,000 and £100,000 will have tapered support,” Raab responded, “and crucially – and this has never happened before – there will be insurance products like mortgage protection as a result of setting the cap where we’ve set it at £86,000, ensuring that no one has to find themselves with overwhelming or disproportionate costs.”

“Let me just push back a little bit; it is impossible to say, and it is incorrect to say, that this is applied differentially.”

“The £86,000 cost cap, as well as the £20,000 to £100,000 assets tapered support you receive, applies to everyone in the country.”

“It’s not fair to say that looking after the poor in such a nebulous way is a credible alternative.”

“Surely, we all should be thinking of a credible alternative policy and [we]should be looking after the poorest people,” Ray interjected.

Isn’t that the most honest thing to say?”

‘We want them to know we’ve got their backs,’ says the narrator.

The importance of Harper’s Law is explained by Dominic Raab.

As a result of the new law, anyone who kills a member of the emergency services will be punished.

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