Leonardo Dicaprio says his favorite kissing partner on television is Kate Winslet.


A friendship like no other is shared between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. But behind their glittering television romance, they’re more like brothers than lovers behind the scenes.

But regardless of their platonic connection, DiCaprio says his favorite movie kiss of all time was the one with Winslet.

Leonardo DiCaprio was convinced by Kate Winslet to star in ‘Titanic’

Although the movie that founded the fame of DiCaprio was Titanic, the actor was reluctant to embrace his role as Jack Dawson.

He had just starred in Romeo + Juliet, according to the actor, and was concerned about being cast solely for romantic roles.

Winslet was nevertheless able to convince him to accept the position. In a 1998 interview with Rolling Stone, she also admitted that without him, she wouldn’t have made the movie.

Wishing a happy birthday to the director @JimCameron! Pic.twitter.com/jvDAobQrhZ- Titanic (@TitanicMovie) 16 August 2019 Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are both together quoting ‘Titanic.’

As mentioned by the journal,

“When DiCaprio was waffling at the Cannes Film Festival to sign on to play Jack and both actors were at the Cannes Film Festival, Winslet figured out where DiCaprio was staying, snuck out of a press junket and approached him in his hotel room.’ I was like,’ I’m going to speak to him about doing this because I’m not going to do it without him, and that’s it,’ says Winslet.’ I’m going to have him.’ Because he’s genius fucking.

With Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio says his favorite on-screen kiss was

The Titanic was named the dream ship, and so it was. It really was. #ValentinesDay pic.twitter.com/fZ3n8H01mC- Titanic (@TitanicMovie) February 14, 2018 Several pretty actresses, from Margot Robbie to Claire Danes, have been kissed by DiCaprio. But with his off-screen BFF, his very favorite on-screen kiss was exchanged.

In a 2004 interview with Oprah, DiCaprio was asked by a woman in the audience about his favorite kissing partner on television.

It didn’t take a long time for DiCaprio to formulate the answer, “I’ll go with Kate Winslet,” he said. “Good old, classic…”

But DiCaprio was lying through his teeth when he said that, according to Winslet. “She said, “He said I was the best kiss he’d ever had on television, in an interview with Extra. I can tell you right now that he hated it.

And he was angrily moaning (whenever they had to kiss).’

Why did ‘hate’ Leonardo DiCaprio kiss his ‘Titanic’ co-star?

“Where to, miss?” https://t.co/D8TLM5gqnT pic.twitter.com/8HmDkEO4BU- Titanic (@TitanicMovie) March 30, 2017It turns out that DiCaprio supposedly did not want to kiss his co-star has nothing to do with their smooching. “To the stars.”

The only reason he was “complained” about their lip-smacking scenes was that they still smudged their mascara together.

They both wore dramatically distinct colored foundations throughout the film, according to the actors, and the base would be blended.

“DiCaprio said, “I had a different base color than she did, and our makeup was mixed up.”

I don’t want to waste it, I think life is a blessing.”I think life is a gift and I don’t plan on wasting it.”I’d end up with this very unattractive brown-orange color,”I would end up with this really unattractive brown-orange color,”I’d end up with this really unattractive brown-orange color.

“Because I had to be the tanned outdoorsman,” explained DiCaprio, “while she was the pale aristocrat.”

But the two have remained extremely close friends to this day, despite their lack of enthusiasm for the makeup-swapping kissing scenes.

In fact, Winslet also called DiCaprio her “closest friend in the world.” DiCaprio, meanwhile, called Winslet his “favorite actress in the business.”


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