‘Legend’ is praised for driving 660 miles to play League 1 football instead of seeing his girlfriend.


‘Legend’ is praised for driving 660 miles to play League 1 football instead of seeing his girlfriend.

Charlton Athletic FC has caused some controversy in this couple’s relationship because a young man chose to travel 330 miles to see them play after not seeing his girlfriend in a week – despite the fact that they only live a few miles apart.

Long distance can make it difficult to keep a relationship alive.

So this one woman must have thought she’d struck gold when she landed a boyfriend who lives only 8 miles away.

Despite their close proximity, Sash was eager to spend time with her significant other after a week of not seeing each other.

The youngster appeared to be preoccupied with something else – football.

Rather than jumping at the chance to see his girlfriend, the youngster chose to travel 330 miles to see Charlton Athletic play.

The long journey by train would have taken the lad 5 hours and 45 minutes just to watch the match against Morecambe.

Making the 8-mile journey to see Sash appear effortless.

Sash is now unsure whether the lad is loyal to her or to Charlton Athletic Football Club.

Sash, who goes by the handle @sash_marie on Twitter, asked fellow users what their partners’ ‘priorities’ were.

“I live 8 miles away from my boyfriend and haven’t seen him in nearly a week,” she wrote in the post.

“He left at 8 a.m. this morning to travel 330 miles to Morecambe for (hashtag)CAFC, and he wonders why I’m mad.”

“What do you think his top priority is?” Sash asked Twitter users.

And it didn’t take long for a slew of guys to come to the lad’s aid.

Many people flocked to the comments section to congratulate the young man on prioritizing football over his relationship.

“What a legend,” one person simply said.

“Absolute lad in my book,” said another user.

“Women come and go, but your first love will always remain,” someone else said.

“Congratulations to him; shame on you.”

“I’d say he’s got his priorities sorted,” a third person said.

Next time, go with him.”

“Girls come and go, but your football club does not,” remarked a fifth user.

Tell us what you think of the lad’s decision in the comments section!

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