Lee Mack refutes the idea that his wife Tara only married him after he received “a little money.”


Lee Mack refutes the idea that his wife Tara only married him after he received “a little money.”

As he reacted to a stranger’s cheeky comment, Lee Mack asserted that no one believes he met his wife Tara before he became famous.

In a honest interview, Lee Mack, who appeared in the sitcom Not Going Out, discussed his marriage. The British comedian married Tara McKillop in 2005, but he claimed that no one believes they met before he became famous.

The 53-year-old stated that he has had to put up with people thinking his other half was more interested in his celebrity and wealth.

After Lee revealed that he’d known Tara since their undergraduate days, comedian Roisin Conaty’s sister was left “aghast,” according to the comic.

The comedian was jokingly questioned if he had “saved” his wife’s life in order to persuade her to date him.

“We discussed the other day with Roisin Conaty,” Lee stated on his podcast I Can’t Believe It’s Buddha earlier this year.

“When she met Tara, her sister responded, ‘I presume you two have been together since you became a comedian and made a little money.’

“And I responded, ‘No, no, we met at university before I was ever a comedian.’”

“And she was perplexed as to why this woman would be with me,” he said. Do you recall what she said? ‘Did you somehow save her life?’

“I felt that was an extraordinarily big comment to make after only meeting someone for five minutes.”

Lee and Tara have been married for 16 years and have three children: Arlo, 17, Louie, 15, and Millie, who is eight years old.

He rose to prominence after winning So You Think You’re Funny at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 1995.

Lee conceived, co-wrote, and featured in the BBC One sitcom Not Going Out, which premiered in 2006.

The comedy, which he wrote in his garden shed, was a huge smash, and he has stated that much of the series was inspired by his own family.


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“I’ve tried everything, but my garden shed is the most effective spot to write,” Lee explained.

“I like to get up early in the morning and go for a full day in my pyjamas. “I don’t seem to be able to find anything else that works.”

In his interview with Radio, he went on. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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