LeBron James dismissed two Pacers supporters during the Pacers’ overtime victory.


LeBron James dismissed two Pacers supporters during the Pacers’ overtime victory.

During the Los Angeles Lakers’ 126-116 victory in Indiana, LeBron James had two Indiana Pacers fans ejected. Following the game, the Lakers superstar explained why the two supporters were removed.

According to the New York Post, James told reporters, “When vulgar gestures and language enter into it, (it) can’t be permitted.” “There’s a difference between rooting for your team and not wanting the other side to win, and there’s a difference between things I’d never say to a fan and things they shouldn’t say to me.” James did not mention what the two fans, who appeared to be a couple, said to him, but one fan who claimed to be seated close them did.

These Pacers fans were ejected as a result of LeBron’s actions.



The female fan who was evicted, according to the fan, shouted, “I hope Bronny dies in a car collision,” while the male fan said, “Bronnys a Bih bih bih.” According to the fan, the personnel asked them to be quiet, but James heard enough to request that they be removed out of the arena.

“This one right here is f—king f—king f—king f—king f—king In overtime, James warned the referee, pointing towards the two fans. As she walked away from courtside, the woman who had been booted out made a pouty look. James had the last laugh as he led the Lakers to victory over the Pacers with a season-high 39 points. He was returning after serving a one-game suspension for striking Detroit Pistons center Isaiah Stewart in the face, causing him to bleed. Since the incident on Sunday, James has not spoken to Stewart, but he did tell reporters that it was a “accident.” According to CNN, “I went over to apologize to him, and you guys saw what occurred after that.” “I’m not that type of player, so it was definitely an accident.” I’m sorry to see what happened after that. Because of what happened after that, I thought an expulsion was warranted… but I didn’t think a suspension was.” When it comes down to it, the Lakers are grateful for James’ return.

Lakers coach Frank Vogel remarked, “He really wanted to play in that Knicks game, and he looks forward to it every year.” “So for him to come back tonight, to quarterback the defense and carry the offense the way he did — that’s simply a once-in-a-lifetime performance.”


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