Learn about the Virgo horoscope, which is known for its “less is more” mentality.


Learn about the Virgo horoscope, which is known for its “less is more” attitude.

The sixth sign of the zodiac is VIRGO, which is an earth sign.

What makes a Virgo tick, according to an expert

What is Virgo’s ideal date, according to astrology? What would be their ideal gift? Find out all of this and more so you can spoil the Virgos in your life.

It’s time to spoil yourself if you’re a Virgo.

Try “fresh flowers, luxe candles, and elegant photo frames” for the Virgos in your life if you’re out on Black Friday Christmas shopping.

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while, Virgos.

Pick up a few of these knickknacks to brighten up your space.

Alternatively, if you prefer to pamper yourself, schedule a pedicure.

“Manipedis are practically religion for Virgos, even for men,” according to Horoscope.com.

“Virgo feels pretty and powerful when she has a full set of super-polished digits.”

Virgo, if you’re going out to a bar this weekend, order yourself a “vodka soda.”

“As long as the lime is cut perfectly, this drink is clean, precise, and easily Instagrammable.”

It’s practical and straightforward, yet refined, just like you.

Virgos enjoy a good night out, but they also enjoy relaxing.

They can be found wandering the halls of a museum, reading, or “attending a lecture at a nearby college campus.”

Virgos benefit greatly from Vitamin D, so plenty of walks outside are ideal for this sign.

Virgos are one of the most introverted zodiac signs, so consider yourself lucky if you’re in their inner circle.

They are “charming” to those they meet, but they are easily “drained.”

“When it comes to friends, they have a less-is-more attitude.”

They’re more likely to be found with a couple of friends watching movies and sharing a bottle of wine than at a wild house party.

If you make friends with a Virgo, on the other hand, you’ve made a “forever” friend.

If you’re planning a trip this Christmas, Virgo readers, you’ll love “learning about new cultures” and “roaming the streets of a strange city.”

So go somewhere new.

You want your vacation to be “interspersed with culture,” even if it’s just a beach vacation.

You might as well stay at home if you can’t “read every single plaque on every single display.”


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