‘Law – Order: SVU’: Once a journalist went to prison to defend Olivia Benson


In the past of Law & Order: SVU, even after the credits rolled, there were a variety of incidents that left viewers pondering the outcome. A journalist ultimately goes to prison for defending Detective Olivia Benson in one of those situations (Mariska Hargitay).

Don’t you recall the episode? As well as what fans have been saying about it lately, we have all the info.

Season 7, ‘Storm’ Episode 10

A very thorough episode full of twists and turns is the episode from 2005. It starts with three young girls after a ride on a carousel in a park trying to run away from a guy. One of them, the eldest, Tasha Wright (Keke Palmer), runs into the street and gets hit by a car carrying Lola, her sister child.

When he sees Sasha and Lola lying in the street, the man runs away with another girlfriend, Nicki Wright (Nickayla Tucker).

Benson and Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) learn that after Hurricane Katrina struck, a man abducted Tasha and her sisters and they clung to the roof of their home after their mother and grandmother drowned.

This guy brought the girls to New York City, and he’s a pedophile.

To try to track down Lola, detectives release a fabricated tale to the media. A girl who has not been named is said to have been struck by a car and is in a coma, and they are trying to find her family.

Cops hope they can get photographs to identify the man and find Lola from witnesses in the park.

The case includes Jackson Zane (Matthew Settle), a reporter for the New York Ledger, and Benson gets to know him early on. He’s suspicious, and he finds that Tasha isn’t even in a coma, and she’s left with a detective. So Stabler, if he doesn’t run the story, lures him with an exclusive.

In a video sent in from that day in the park, Tasha recognizes the man, and they track down the man called Clark Corman through the Hurricane Aid Center.

But on the street in front of the perpetrator, Jackson, the reporter, approaches them and he runs off, still with no answers as to where Nicki is.

However, they apprehend him and find out his true name is Alvin Dutch (Russell Hornsby), a sex offender who has spent time in jail. He died of anthrax poisoning in detention, which further complicates matters.

Benson speaks to Alvin’s old cellmate with the journalist’s help, and they finally find Nicki after learning about Alvin’s aunt.

The detectives discover that Nicki was contaminated with anthrax as well, but in time, they get to her and she survives.

They discover the military-grade anthrax in Alvin’s home with his aunt.

Olivia Benson leaks data to her.

‘Law & Order: SVU’: A suspect was once hit in the face by Olivia Benson.

All the evidence from the anthrax case is taken by the FBI and the entire thing is swept under the rug.

They’re also bringing with them the Wright girls.

The FBI warns them that it will prosecute any leaks as a federal crime.

Dr. Melina Warner (Tamara Tunie) reports that she discovered that the anthrax came from a laboratory at a research facility in Louisiana that uses it for engineering bioweapons and “developing vaccines against bioterror weapons.”

Where Alvin got the anthrax is unknown.

But Benson decides to transfer the material, including a picture of the girls, on to Jackson, and he releases it.

After the story runs, the girls are released by the FBI, and they hear from Nicki that the anthrax came from a van that drove all of them to New York, and she took a vial.

There were several vials of it in the van, and Benson learns that someone named Michael Delpit (Leo Marks) drove it. Warner uses her contacts and helps locate him for the detectives.

Everything they learn from Michael, they also let Jackson hear in a recording, and he releases the story about how Michael smuggled out the anthrax for money.

Benson wants the truth to come out, and Jackson promises not to reveal Benson as his source. He is true to his word when the FBI arrives.

Consequently, according to the character’s fandom page, he has to go to jail for “obstruction of justice” for not revealing his source.

Although Benson wants him to come clean, he refuses and serves five years.

“If I give them your name, they win,” he tells her. “There’s no freedom without a free press. Now I’ve decided to write this story.

And I will suffer the consequences.”



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